Supposed Leaks - NMS Summer Update (may contain spoilers)

Apparently more “leaked” info regarding the anniversary update surfacing. Sounds semi-believable only because the leaked features line-up with datamined things that hadn’t come out yet but were updated recently.

It actually doesnt sound far-out-there/wishfull thinking with this “leak” and its not vague, but rather its detailed. I dont know where to find this screenshot so if anyone knows where to find it, feel free to post it here for anyone interested in seeing it. I heard and seen it through a livestream on youtube earlier today at work.

Leak mentioned that the new update will contain 15 hours of new story content, new enemy race called “the abyss” that is actually a hive-mind race, a “guardian” sentinel that protects the atlas in space, NPCs will be able to shoot the player character and NPC animations getting updates, flamethrower, railgun, charge rifle, plus much more it mentioned.

Ofcourse, leaks dont mean its true. The leak could be fake. So take that into consideration.

My opinion: atleast some of this will be true. Many things were datamined already and updated recently, plus all the lore of the last year keeps bringing up combat related things and a coming enemy. And its not even “hinting” it any more.


I own this MT upgrade already. :wink: No save editor used.

Remember: this may all be a bunch of bunk

This article raises good questions. Would like to have them answered.


still sounds like guess work. I personally don’t think you will ever see cities. People keep talking about it, but the logistics within the game don’t really support it. A Shared build area??? Maybe. i could see Shared Space Stations.
dungeons…this as been theorized since we had the freighters added.
new enemy coming…everyone has been guessing this for ages.

But time will tell…

frankly I’m just hoping we finally get more utility items…they have been in code for ages. (Windturbine, Larger Batteries, pylons fences etc)


I’m still waiting for my Odvinsko Drive.


Why? Didn’t it exist in a far earlier iteration?
Wouldn’t you need the now unobtainable Thamium to power it? Mightn’t be much use in the Prisms era of NMS.
A bit like those ancient iron powered Pulse Drives: Now just relics of an ancient, parallel existence.


Oh Thamium, Thamium, wherefore art thou.

What’s in a name?

Didst Thamium suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune … never to be heard again?


@Jupiter.blues I have moved the supposed ‘leak’ info to a topic on its own. Data Mining actually consists of things we know exist, supposed leaks can all be taken with a (huge) grain of salt, therefor fits better as a separate discussion topic in my opinion.


This is the post which @sheralmyst 's 4chan post references as being the fake leaker who supposedly leaked last year’s info on 4chan as well

Both topics have already been archived, with the initial without any replies and the other only a couple.
4chan link 1
4chan link 2

The 2nd link post includes a screenshot supposedly from a certain Discord. This is false, as it was posted weeks ago on Reddit to be removed within the hour. The image does not even include all the info the reddit post contained.

The full info was actually reposted in a Youtube comment for the below video:
YT Video
The timestamp for said comment currently shows to be from 3 weeks ago, making it once more clear, this info was around a lot longer as currently being suggested.

Full text from YT comment / Reddit post

The Downfall
The next update will be a combat update focusing on a new alien race, the center of the universe(s), better progressions, they have been updating combat a bit but expect a very big overhauled combat system, sort of cities, etc.
The expeditions will more and more hint at this.
They worked on this since 2019 (Just before BEYOND dropped)

NPCs will be overhauled to walk more naturally, this comes with newer AI.
NPCs will be able to attack you if you attack them or have a low standing with them.
NPCs will have bases on planets, basically dungeons just like the Sentinel Stronghold.
Referred to as the Abyss, they are a hivemind and are proper contestants on “land, sea air and space”
Space/Ground outposts of the Abyss you have to clear
Weekend Missions will focus on the Abyss and its many strongholds and get new rewards including new base building parts.
Multi-tools have been reworked from the ground up, new tech, better balancing, better handling.
New techs include: Flamethrower, Charge Rifle, Railgun, etc.
Improvement on AI on sentinels
New sentinel “Strongholds” which will basically work as you expect dungeons to work, they don’t reset and very good loot can be found here. Working together
New Guardian sentinel, spawns in systems with Atlas stations, basically a giant drone with a large weapon on top guarding the Atlas.
Big new storyline update to tie in with the Abyss and Sentinels, around 15 hours (13 without timers), will also focus on the breakdown of the simulation. Loop16 will be on it’s last minutes and seconds. Literally and figuratively.
The last expedition will lead to the end of the simulation, a new update will come adding new variety and enhancing the entire game experience (updating features we have already)
The core of the universe has actual meaning now.
When you enter the core, it will fly you to a supermassive blackhole (nothing like the standard blackhole), a gateway to another universe. To gain access to the blackhole one must dock to one of the many Abyss stations near the blackhole, some will be cleared, some wouldn’t be cleared. A SHIT TON of lore will be revealed in each of the (16) universe’s centers.
The empty Abyss Stations will be all about puzzles, very dangerous to enter but rewarding , The full one’s will be a really tough PVE challenge, also very dangerous, a bit more rewarding.
Upon leaving the station you will be able to go into the blackhole and talk to Loop16, each time revealing new lore, it then will be granting you new equipment and the option to go to a parallel universe, which will be harder to go through but more and more rewarding.
If you decide not to, the Abyss will speak with you directly, Hive Mind to Traveler, asking you to join them. If you do you will be able to build and fortify strongholds yourself (take over strongholds)
In the 16th universe there will be something (?)about the simulation shutting down(?) granting you new perks such as fauna and flora creation, which will be cloud based.
-Some extra info-
Players that are (pre-Downfall) will still be in their old systems but will be able to choose whether or not to go to Euclid again, if you do your base will not be lost but you won’t be able to warp out of your home system/open your map, you can only access it via the teleporter they will also get compensated.
REALLY big improvement from Origins, especially on PS4 and Xbox, cities are a bit performance heavy.
Render distance is upped.
New color variations
New flora models for lush, desert and ice worlds (over 100 flora models)
New Sentinel Core worlds, filled with sentinels and Strongholds.
Variation gets weirder every universe, weirder colors, terrain gen and fauna sizes and sorts.
Medium city-like structures, they aren’t skyscrapers but connected buildings filled with lifeforms, shops and even a claimable home for you to edit and a lot of mysteries.
The improved AI is really visible in cities, actually feeling alive.
Performance on cities will be updated heavily in the incoming months.
“As we are nearing the downfall of the simulation, a new threat emerges, we hope you are ready. Our team worked very hard on this one and I’m proud of how far we’ve come and we can’t believe it’s been 5 years. Our team will continue to work on NMS for the foreseeable future. Our journey continues.`` -Sean Murray

All fun speculation and supposed leakers trying to be the first to show info while accusing each other, forgetting to actually check facts before posting. Some YouTubers or other sources will likely have similar results, not verifying their info.

Either way, fun speculation, which has to be taken with a grain of salt. Some nice guesstimates, if you are somewhat familiar with the game (in and out).

Happy tinfoil everyone!


Well, that list does not sound unreasonable overall. Here’s my two cents:

In terms of cities, I could see some kind of settlement mechanics in the cards. Not necessarily procedural cities, but a way to evolve your bases into something that has meaning in the game space (and then you can leave it to the players to build the cities…). Something like that wouldn’t be a lot of effort in its basics. I mean, basically just make vendor stalls a buildable base item, and make rooms assignable for “rent” or something, and after a while somebody moves in. One could put as much complexity into this as to almost literally make it a new game within the game, but you don’t need to. Putting in something basic would be nothing but an extension of current base building mechanics, and HG have regularly updated those, so there would be logic to it.

Something will be going on with space stations, that much is clear. They didn’t put the interactive core in there just for giggles (I hope… though HG seems to have put a lot of stuff in there just for giggles… has anybody figured out a use for basalt yet??).

New enemy race… potentially, it would be nice to see all that lore lead up to something. More dungeons would be very welcome. Especially the abandoned space stations effectively scream to have something like that put in, and most of the logic would exist already. Would potentially require a whole swath of graphical assets, though, but we haven’t seen many new art assets in the game since origins, and all those modellers have been doing something since then, so… there’s probably going to be something that involves a good deal of new assets, but there’s not really any guarantee or indication that this wil be it (though dungeons in abandoned space station you have to crack first would play nicely together with space station ownership, and my gut tells me that that is a thing that we’ll actually see).

Waterfalls/Rivers, no. Just no. I mean, I’m not going as far as to say that they are absolutely impossible in an unconstrained system like NMS, but if you crack that problem you could probably write a mathematical doctorate about it…

Worlds from a past era… errr… Depends on how you look at it. I would just interpret this as a new exotic planet type with lots of ruins and stuff. I could totally see that. Not expecting any time travel mechanics, though.

Some trade rebalancing, sure, that could always happen, especially if some part of the addon focuses on settlement building.

All in all, that list doesn’t sound unreasonable, and in my oppinnion there’s nothing that would render it completely utopian (apart from the rivers thing… seriously, forget about rivers. If we’ll ever get them I’ll sing praises and burn some sacrifices, but as far as we know that shit is outright impossible).


In regard to abandoned space station overide, I’d prefer for any such overide only activate the station. I hope players are never able to “own” a station, as some speculate.

From the beginning, Sean said that there was a malevolent force in the universe. The boundary failure devices seen to be part of a communication system related to sentinels. So I’ve always thought that they would become more than lore sources eventually. They might communicate with a sentinel base somewhere. Or …

One never knows.


This implies that players could choose one of two sides, one group fortifies strongholds and the other cracks them? Gamewise a smart idea how players can provide explorable PvE content for one another. Similar to base building, but more structured/purposebuilt.

And would the stronghold builders get some sort of log/recording of the other players trying to defeat “their” strongholds while they were offline or away? Same as with bases, if visitors don’t leave a message we never get the satisfaction to know whether anyone ever saw it…

(I sent HG a simpler variant of this idea once, letting players fortify dungeons for each other is of course even better. (My idea was to keep records for each system for a week or so of how many PvE missions of each type players completed there, and there would be an implicit balance between types, and you could see in the descriptions “scan and photograph animals because player x killed so many recently” or “eradicate this pest because player x fed too many of them”. Then we could see that other players were here and pretend to restore the balance or tip it over to the other extreme. )

This dungeon idea sounds similar with respect to players providing PvE goals for other players. I wouldn’t mind that, what do you think?


ANYTHING approaching PVP I am against. This is not the game for it, and would bring,like all PVP games…more toxicity. So I don’t mind activities like the nexus that can be group, but can also be solo. I do not want any content that must be group. Goes against the whole theme of the game.

Like the other leaks references to the ARG Loop16 etc, I seriously doubt. Most of this again is way out of the possibilities. Think about most updates. Graphics, UI, maybe Strory, more crafting and changes to existing features. Maybe a new vehicle type or type of inventory etc…but not systems without similar structure.

So what is described,…theres too much. We might get a new enemy and new base/freighter type dungeon to explore but not dungeons/cities/boss fights/parallel worlds… not that many of those would not be cool.



I take your point, and I admit my own thinking is along similar lines. But Hello Games have their own peculiar agenda* running in the background.

Who would have thought that what we really needed was the ability to compose our own amateur cheesy synth-pop? Possibly the same person who thought we needed a mech suit whose arms don’t work?

At the moment, nothing would surprise me.

  • *The Agenda - For some time now, I’ve found Hello Games choices puzzling. I can only think of two possible explanations.

One is that they’re using No Man’s Sky as their own personal toybox, inventing whatever they feel like, and slotting it into the game, regardless of whether there’s a need for it, or (and this is the one I favour);

They’re using No Man’s Sky to test-bed techniques and technologies for their new game.

But this is probably better suited to a separate subject heading, if people want to discuss it.


I made a video and credited @DevilinPixy for the research and tried to mirror her sentiments to attempt to dispel some of the myths and rumors.


I definitely agree @Polyphemus , I have always thought No Man’s Sky felt like an experiment, both an experiment in game technology and player reaction to it.

It makes me very excited to see Hello Games’ next big project that Sean has alluded to, because now the team knows so much more about what they can and can’t do with the tech, and what works and doesn’t work with players.


Sean has pretty much stated in a past interview that that’s what they’re doing…

It might also be the other way around. We know they’re working on something new, and every now and then when somebody develops something for that they might be like “you know, I don’t think it would be too difficult to shove that into NMS, so why the hell not?”.


Yes, it could. And from my point of view, it doesn’t really matter which, (or both), is true. I’m interested because I believe they’re giving us clues to what they’re working on.

For example, when their new game releases, I will be very surprised if a Digital Audio Workstation doesn’t form a major part of it.


I certainly think they are using the game to test new mechanics. I just think people need to keep expectations down. With all the leaks, the feature set keeps getting more and more wild.

The more I think about it …Custom space stations… I’m inclined to believe we will repair stations that have been corrupted and these are tied to rewards and items, not ownable. As I could see some bad eggs blocking access etc. Since only one per system.

But I certainly think it is possible.

I just think it makes sense. The corruption started in some bases…then planets and eggs started appears arround corrupted bases and infected worlds. Then freighters.seems to me the stations becoming infected is the next logical step.


I should have been more clear. When I say “the new game”, I’m not talking about the next update of No Man’s Sky. I’m talking about the game that comes after No Man’s Sky. The one Sean has told us they’re working on - but absolutely nothing else.


I agree, I have thought this for ages.