What new in NMS?

Had an idea. I’ve been coming and going from this forum lately to see what’s new. After catching up several times on various topics to see if there was anything new, I decided that maybe we should have one place that highlights only the big stuff for those that want to catch up faster. Like a NMS/HG “news” section.

“HG just announced a new game”
“SM strikes again with a cryptic tweet hinting to an update incoming”
“New items arrive at the merch store”
“New update just dropped”

All in one place. But only the highlight if it could be said in a sentence or two. Links added to its respective topic/video/article for more info.


Kind of like a bot that scrapes the social media platforms for any posts to put in a simple short summary as an embed.

… or we could do so manually :wink:


Or even easier, Sean could start cross posting to his own :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: forum :exploding_head:


That’s a whole can of worms.

Hello Games used to have communications staff - people whose job it was to talk to the public. In the fallout from the first launch of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games decided not to talk to anybody, and the communications jobs eventually became vacant. As far as I know, they still are. Hello Games have never expressed any desire for a forum.

It was Alice & Smith who set up this forum, as part of the initial Waking Titan ARG. At that time we were the “Edison Township Amateur Radio Club” (ETARC). Many of the people who joined found it to be a much nicer place than other NMS forums, which, at the time, could be extremely toxic.

When Waking Titan ended, we were faced with the probable loss of a forum we enjoyed. We made representation to both Alice & Smith and Hello Games. We asked them to keep the forum running as a general No Man’s Sky / Hello Games forum. Eventually it was agreed that Alice & Smith would transfer ownership of the forum to Hello Games.

Hello Games, however, pointed out that they had no staff to run the forum, and would not be providing any. They agreed to pay for the forum, but we would have to run it ourselves. They would play no part in it.

Along the way, a few members were appointed to the post of “Leader”. The selection process was mysterious - none of us really knows how we were selected, or why, or by whom - although I suspect being older and less excitable had something to do with it.

And that’s pretty much where we are.

It’s not Sean’s forum, it’s ours. Hello Games pay for it to exist, but beyond that they play no part in the day-to-day running of the thing. I think all of us would like to see contributions from Hello Games staffers - but that wasn’t the agreement, and it’s not the way things happen.

Be happy we have the forum.


I know, I was there.

This part I didn’t realise, the fact that they didn’t intend to run it, I mean. It seemed like a logical step coming out of the ARG.
I always thought the reason of the ARG was: build a community, a spot where the toxicity doesn’t exist.

It is however clear that they never really participated here. But I can still find that a pity (And I’m indeed grateful we have it).

But they are paying for the site, it’s theirs, they could participate. Nobody would object I think.

By the way, I always thought that Captain Harry was an HG member.


Maybe I wasn’t clear in my last post. Yes, Hello Games could participate any time they want. It was their choice not to. We asked them to keep the forum running, and they said they had no staff to do it - we had to run it ourselves. I would be more than happy to see regular posts from HG people - but they have decided not to.

AFAIK Captain Harry was from Alice & Smith, temporarily overseeing the transition from A&S to HG ownership. It wasn’t clear, and there may have been some crossover of contracts for a while. Both Alice & Smith and Hello Games appear to employ a fair number of freelancers and gig workers on temporary contracts.


Regarding the forum, I knew HG kept the forum alive for us but I didnt know the leaders were randomly appointed. Regardless, I would say that our forum leaders are doing a fine job at keeping this place running smoothly with zero toxicity.

Regarding the bot, that would be neat but I dont know how one would work to specifically filter through social media and other websites, rumours, etc. I dont even know how a bot works entirely either. Lol.


I don’t think we were randomly appointed. I said the decision was mysterious - and I say that because we were never told which people made the decisions, or the basis on which they made them. Everybody was hiding behind screen names, and we never knew who was involved in the private discussions.

Thank you. It’s very kind of you to say so.


That was how I ended up a leader…
Out of the blue, Old Gods (an active leader at the time), asked (via PM) if I’d jump in.
*I was already pretty noisy, at the time, with a messy fan-fiction in the works & a ton of useless Johnny-come-lately Waking Titan speculations on this particular forum,… )
I just jumped in the whirlpool.
That’s it. :upside_down_face:
Quite random but amazingly & unexpectedly rewarding given the growth & development of NMS & the plethora of varied backgrounds of our members.

Not as active as I used to be due to life & how it intrudes on the fun stuff.
I still check in pretty much daily though.
It’s like a little family here & I’m very attached. :hugs:
NMS has been/become an intrinsic part of my life, which is a very, very strange thing to be typing so many years after becoming spellbound by the early concept video so very long ago.
Of course, like all of you I have a real life but here, via these little posts, I’m a member of a really cool little society & have made some genuine friends from all over the globe.
I’ve had great pleasure in spending time with my fellow leaders, @DevilinPixy, @sheralmyst & @Polyphemus… & earned some treasured memories with several other members via multiplayer; (like @toddumptious & @Sir_oops, just to name couple).

NMS is a special game & I take great pride in being involved, (even if in a very small way) via this forum, in its growth, from messy fledgling … to fully realised universe of exploration & wonder.

No game ever has ever captured me like NMS.



When I was chosen, in the words of @DevilinPixy , “Welcome to punishment for your good behavior.” :laughing: Upon acceptance, Capt Harry jokingly informed me there was probably a video around that could show me the ropes…of course, there was not. Dev gave me some pointers and I was tossed into the mix. It has been a lot of fun. (All 4 of us Leaders have been thru traumatic experiences of one kind or another during our time here. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people :heart:)
As far as I know, @DevilinPixy holds the key to the secret back room which opens to the HG studio…so mysterious. :wink:
And now that we have completely hijacked @Jupiter.blues thread, I like the idea of a What’s New From HG topic.


Lol. No no, this has been very informative. Its “news” to many people so you’re all good.


Expedition #2 begins as the first expedition ends. A mysterious item appears at the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion appearing to relate to the expedition.



What’s new in NMS? This guy asked the same thing:


In the future, you can refer people here. lol.


This is just speculation but, this may be correct. I wish the name of the next update would be 16/16/16/16. Also, could it be the last?


SM tweets a cryptic message that was rapidly solved.



“New” it may not be, but the tip was new to me…

A Reddit user showed how you can quickly locate the star system for a needed resource using the Catalogue and “Locate Substance” link. That adds a destination on your Galactic Map.

I had been adding such data to an Excel spreadsheet. Sigh.


Huh, I hadn’t known that either…


So excited! I can’t believe what our Expeditions reward is! :rocket:


Midway through expedition 2, an update drops along with a surprise. Potential spoilers:

Not much of a surprise as HG announces what it is on there social media channels and website.