Does Hello Games Look at This Forums Page?

The reason I ask this is because they could get a ton of inspiration from this website. The CSD forums is one of the only places where we can all talk about NMS freely without having to work about some random coming in talking trash. Hello Games could really listen in and benefit from here. I saw a post a while ago talking about city planets, which sounds amazing. Hello Games could see that and maybe work with something like that. Or they could see all of the glitches and bugs we’ve found, and fix those too. Just wanted to post this because I just realized how much Hello Games could benefit from this community.


I would like to know this as well.
Hey, Hello Games, if you are listening PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more variety in all planets: more plants, rocks, animals. Make weird combos of leafy trees on toxic planets and such. Rayrod’s overhaul mod would be a source of great inspiration, but please make it available to PS4 players.


I guess the reddit community still has their full attention. But hey, they put this website up as a Citizen Science Division. no doubt they read here and the ARG will certainly have aspects involved from this site.

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I would be genuinely surprised if they didn’t lurk around here from time to time. Whether they adopt any of our ideas is a different story. I agree that there have been great suggestions here, though, and it would be a shame if HG didn’t know about them.


I don’t know about Hello Games watching us anywhere :slight_smile: But I do know that I won’t touch Reddit in any form. They need to adopt a system of only having a like button and a report button system. Most of the posts that are so much needed to be seen are often downvoted to oblivion.

If Hello Games is getting anything meaningful from this community of CSD Members it is from this ETARC Site.


I kind of thought that the get some sleep comments are directed directly at a few people on here. :thinking::rofl:


Yeah, last night I was checking this website at 1:00 in the morning :laughing:


Yes they do. They are also actively monitoring the Discord channel along with Alice & Smith Operatives. Long ago, Hello Games made a reference to ETARC in an interview?/video?..don’t remember the fact exactly…but I do remember that it happened.



Well, it is their own forum, so it should make sense that they look here :wink:


NO they do not ever, never ever look at this forum!
Or they would know I and Nada are running down Emily with the help of the ATLAS!