The Silence of Hello Games


Hello Games have gone very quiet lately. No word, no news, no new experimental patch.

Does anyone have any insider gossip?



Could be a sign that the passes are about to drop which will herald the continuation of the ARG and the next major update.

Only thing for certain is that they are hard at work on something…


I was kind of hoping they would all be taking a break and enjoying a holiday after working their tootsies off for months straight. Gotta give the brain a rest and change of scene once in a while. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Games have usually stated during silence their workflow goes like this.

Release update. Patch relentlessly until somewhat stable. Get back to working on next content release.


This was my thought as well.

A calm before the storm… a good storm :grinning:


They have some trouble to fix the last bugs still present. And/or they want to add something else. We had 8 patches, 1/week, so we can let them take a breath :wink:


Every time they go silent I get excited! I keep wondering what they could be working on next. And every time they surprise me. I really can’t wait to see what they have planned for us next! :rocket:


HG going silent is not a bad sign anymore (:


I know it’s unlikely, but what if Hello Games interacts with the community more than we think. Once again, obviously not happening, but it’s not outside the realm of reality that some of the accounts on the forum, might not be who they say they are. What better way to bounce ideas of us fans, than to post there ideas in the ‘what we want next’ thread. Or maybe none of the accounts are HG and I’m just paranoid…

… who knows.


I have my suspicions about that “oldgods” character…


Oh yeah, forgot about him.


I’m not just suspicious, I’m convinced. He was responding in bug threads saying things like “we’re aware of this” and “we’re working on a fix for that”. Notice the WE in there. As if he were part of the team? Unless he’s just parroting HG’s announcements.

I have my suspicions about a few others though…:thinking:


You just don’t know who you can trust in here, do you? I’m not even convinced Emily’s a real person.


The first to blame? A bit suspicious if you ask me, pointing fingers at people. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Maybe we all work for HG and the reason for the lack of updates and silence lately is cause we’re all secretly spending all our time at work on these forums instead of patching and new content. :scream::scream::scream:


Or maybe none of us are real, and the whole forum is a simulation running on a big server somewhere.

Oh dear… (vanishes in puff of logic).


This is usually what they do and what they’ve always done between major updates once they were done patching the current game version. So now we wait…hopefully at least a new ARG kicks off before the end of the year and a new content update around Jan or Feb.


I say we will see 1.4 by December and maybe we will see a 1.39!