#sayhello Message to Hello Games


Love this and agree completely!


Awesome Job!

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What if SM post a tweet saying:



SM: Ok guys, we are going to implement Joe Danger into No Man’s Sky.


WE are awake, but I guess Phoenix is still sleeping :slight_smile: Takes some time to arise from the ashes …


The longer they work on it, the better it will be.

I can wait.

(Mind you, I said that about Half-Life…)


Lol maybe it will take half a life before phoenix arises…


A lot of players have got behind this. I’ve tweeted HG with the hashtag #SayHello, it was just a screenshot of gameplay, but I can imagine their inboxes are getting pretty full by now lol.

I can totally wait aswell.

About the WT:
When we have a second though about it, there is really nothing to feel stressed about. Alice & Smith told us that this phase will be " as thrilly" as the first one! I was hanging on discord this morning mainly for Entropy , and I found out that people are getting a little crazy already, about the amount of time we are currently waiting, and even questionning again if the game is worth buying?
People are hardly happy/satisfied nowadays…
They told us to get some sleep right? I guess we are still supposed to sleep!
The Atlas Passes has been sent - Big event.
We all know that the next update is now to come, and we’ll be all glad to discover the things that will be changes/added.
Why we always have to go fast? Let’s chill the mercury routine and play patiently, there’s more to come anyways! :sunglasses:
About HG:
It is true that it was necessary to adopt a “bunker” attitude at the beggining, because of all the hait that people threw on HGS, but however, As Just Jarrod and Cobra said so far, sometimes a little “Hello guys, you’ll be thrilled of what’s coming next” or “hey guys, I braided a nice carpet out of my beard, can’t wait to show it to you”, would be nice!

But however, I think this whol “say hello” thing, as much as negative pressure, asking for a hello is also putting pressure to them (positive of course) but still pressure.

And what if they say hello? … I mean what’s the point? We all know everything is going to start soon… so I on’t get the point of asking them to say hello.

Anyways, I am really satisfied myself about how the things are going yet, and also I am very occupied in general, so I can wait and see!

Take care my fellow Etarcians!


I just hope they implement one thing that no one else has:

Cross Dimentional Space Whales…

Mythical Space whales that jump between dimentions, extremely hard to find and or even get near, requiring an ugraded ship and suit to both keep up with and put up a fighting chance against it, help from other players in diferent dimentions to capture it with crafted dimentional traps to lock it into one dimention, and then using a special weapon, like a space harpoon, to grab on and pull your ship onto it, then you have to get off your ship and traverse its body while trying not to get lnocked off as it hurls its body against large meteorites on attempts to scrape you off. You would then reach one of the various holes to enter the whale and inside the whale would be like a dungeon game where you traverse its insides and fight the various monsters inside it. Then, open a portable cross-dimentional door to let your friends inside the whale for a co-op journey to find rare resouces. Then escape with your rewards, or die and they will be left inside for someone else to pick up. You respond back at a nearby station, unable to comminicate with your friends. Meanwhile, your friends are fighting for their lives to escape the whale and board their ships and leave. While the whale changes course and turns around to try to devour you for taking valuable resources and you can only escape by getting far enough away to warp out of there.

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He’s Right,

Hate is down, Trolls are down, we get lots of screen shots via /r/nomansskythegame.

Any hints/topics would be loved by the community now.


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Say Hello?
To whom?
Hello Games doesn’t say anything back!
Ignores this whole community!
Yes, they look at the forums.
But they don’t say anything to anyone at anytime.
It would be nice, polite if they said HI all!

But I do not want the game overhauled. If they do such for the next version. it should be NMS2.
have a beer but I would say such to those at Hello Games but they are not talking.
They are not letting us know that they are truly alive.
They are not letting us know that EMILY has not erased them.
There has been talk about GDC.
I think whomever is there needs to prove they are real and not a clone of EMILY.


Uhm yes, that’s what the whole thing is about. Worth a shot, me thinks.


The idea is for Hello Games to say hello to us. :wink:



(edited words from the song “Telephone Line” by Electric Light Orchestra)



I’m having some strong mixed feelings about this.

  1. Sure I’d love to hear what’s happening to the developers/creators of my most favourite most played single-player game. Would be nice to know. I plan to look in on the GDC talk by Innes (sp?).

  2. That said I don’t believe anyone has the right to demand that they ‘Say Hello’ to the Community. Putting pressure on them because we love the game is not that much different than those who pressure them because they hate the game. It’s all pressure. It can easily turn into a “mob rule” kind of thing.

I’m going to think some more on this subject, because right now I have a knot in my stomach. If you have ever been on the receiving end of relentless unwanted attention or stalking you’ll know what I mean.

They are people. People who love their work. They owe no one anything other than what they have provided already (which imo is more than they needed to). I just want to say, for heaven’s sake leave them alone. Go create something beautiful and unique yourself, release it into the world, and hope you don’t end up in a similar position as HG.


Agreed. How is blowing up their inboxes with silly request going to help? They will release the ARG/new updates when they’re ready.

And when you finally get them to say “Yes, we’re working on it”, then what? It will be another few weeks of silence and people will start complaining about the silence again.

People need to be patient. Fans got impatient waiting for this game’s release, and it was eventually released incomplete as a result. You guys want an incomplete ARG too? Let them do their work in peace.


Yes we do have a right to ask.
I sure know that most companies that I have played their games, used their software have always used the normal modes of communication. Hello Games have taken the no communication to extreme.
When the game came out and the humans that attacked Hello Games were unreasonable.
We have passed that phase.
Hello Games to me have the appearance of disrespect of those whom play the game now and those whom have joined us due to Waking Titan.
They should show that there is life at Hello Games.


From the beginning of the World Wide Web I have seen games and played games that came out up till now.
Something is definitely changing in the gaming industry, because of the fact of crowd funding. When you want to bring the development of a game to say for instance Kickstarter you commit yourself to the persons who are going to back you up and so you give feedback from the beginning and up to including updates etc.

That is becoming the new way of making and playing games.

Hello Games deliberately did NOT go to Kickstarter but wanted to keep everything in their own hands.
They have no obligation towards anyone but themselves.
I respect that.
The game they produced is soo good that it gives rise to any fantasy you would like to be played out in it.
Therefore many more games in this genre are being produced.

Hello Games has become the Pioneer of a new way of gaming but did the right thing for their game to keep it in their own hands.
Many developers of games can take it further now…