Say Thank You!

I am sure many of us have noticed throughout the course of the Waking Titan ARG many people have come forward giving individual thanks to Hello Games, Alice & Smith, Et al. That being said, I thought I’d follow in the footprint of others in a way, except in a more creative fashion.
I’ve created this thread as a way for us here in the ETARC community to show their appreciation. And as we are all aware, the ARG is coming to an end, so I want to make sure we have plenty of time to put some sincere thought into this. What do I mean by creative fashion? A few days back, I posted this fan made song that I discovered on Cobra TV-- it works as a great example: [LOOP17 ETERNAL a gift from thePhool by Phil Craven] :notes:

Anyway, I’d like to challenge everyone to express their appreciation by using their knowledge, skills, talents and overall creativity. Here’s some more examples of what I mean:

Digital Artwork
Photo of Hand-Drawn Artwork
Audio Clips

Again, text-only posts are absolutely welcomed. We all know that words can go a long way :heart_eyes: Please keep in mind, this is a bash free thread. If you don’t have anything nice to say…
Please feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.


Id like to give a BIG thanks to all the people in ETARC especially @Shota, @DevilinPixy and @toddumptious and his atlas tattoo that have helped with theories, solve puzzles and web research, basically everyone here, would deffinately trust you all if there was an apocalyps, which may still happen if Emily goes full skynet on us! :vulcan_salute:


A huge Thank You to everyone at Hello Games for creating No Man’s Sky firstly, and Alice & Smith for putting together the Waking Titan ARG. Together, it has been one of the most thought provoking experiences ever!

Without the community, the ARG wouldn’t function at all. So a big THANKS to all the brilliant minds, and everyone who’s participated!


This whole ARG has been amazing. The suspense, the puzzles, the slow reveal of what it meant, the No Man’s Sky lore it brought, the music, the community, the memes, the chat madness; everything. I never have enough free time to participate in it the way I wish I could, but I have loved watching it unfold and contributing a small amount when I could. The decoder wheel thing was awesome. I wish someone would put everything into a coffeetable book, including all the little great things that aren’t captured in the game detectives page. I’ve enjoyed it a ton. I’m really hoping that the final puzzles will unfold within NMS itself and hopefully they take forever to crack. Personally I hope it’s unclear if the ARG is ever really “completed”


Yeah, good stuff. Sadly been more an observer than a participant, but did contribute when I could like the photo uploads. Definitely been fun.


I’d like to second that if I may, thanks to everyone for making ETARC such a great place to see this all through. And a huge thanks to Emily/Loop16/A&S/HG for giving us this space.


Hello Games, thank you for your dreams and determination. No Man’s Sky is the game I have been waiting for since the first time I played a text based online adventure game. (a long time ago) To jump in your ship and pick “The second star on the left and straight through til morning” is the open ended adventure made for the wandering explorer. It is now the only game I play. What do I do in No Man’s Sky? Anything and everything.

Alice and Smith, thank you for this wonderful ARG. Waking Titan is the first ARG in which I have participated. I started because it appeared to be linked to No Man’s Sky. As we progressed, the link became absolute but, Waking Titan had me. This has been so much fun. So much challenge. So much to learn. And an absolute thrill to watch all of the ETARC members work together with each other and other groups to solve puzzles in mind boggling speed.

Wow, I get left in the dust often, but never left alone in ETARC.

It has and will continue to be a privilege and pleasure to enjoy the rest of Waking Titan, the growth of No Man’s Sky and the community here at ETARC.


I thought the ARG was really well done (I missed out on the Halo ARG)! So, first, “great job”! :slight_smile: Second, I think this has been a really great community of NMS and WT ARG fans and I will genuinely miss the crazy puzzles (which I hope they aren’t that hard in the game after the 1.3 update), live drops, the morally ambiguous back story, and - of course - Mr. Noodles (who didn’t really do anything - but he’s just so cute). See you all in the Euclid galaxy!


I’ll leave a little love note here now because I’m falling asleep, and I want to hop into The Sim for a while.

I have to give some love to Sean Murray. A true visionary who produced a living Work of Art that very few creations can equal. All those who spread their hate and bile across the net just can’t get it like we do.

Of course the true believers in the NMS community are the best. Sharing the love for the Sim and HG have made this my new and hopefully permanent net home where I can entertain a few of you with my mad prattle from time to time.

Well, getting noddy, off to a Vy’keen station in the outer reaches of Euclid, and a ship that I have to fix up if I’m ever going to leave it! :sweat_smile:


Lots of fun! Lots of good people! Lots of hugs! ::smile: Thank you all for the help and kindness you have shown!


This community as we as the ARG itself has been a blast and I’m sure going forward the update will bring lots of crazy moments and some truly fun gameplay

8-9-2016 was when NMS came out and I picked it up the next month and played it non stop on ps4 for like weeks I was really hooked while others were spreading hate about the game , I love scfi and this game made my wishes true a real exploring type of game that really made you feel like you were in a endless universe but it wasn’t always perfect and it still isn’t but I saw some of the problems at its debut and ever since then updates such as Foundation and Path Finder has made the game better and better and now I think 1.3 will be the biggest content update of them all.

Waking titan while I didn’t get involved till phase2 has been amazing and getting to know the community better has been the best


I’m not great with lengthy thankyous and stuff so, great job and keep it up!:smile:


I had to go back and rewatch these videos as I reminisced about the launch a year ago wednesday. These are what increased my hunger to near fever pitch over that last month, waiting for release day. I watched them so many times, and still get a tingle inside from them. I thought it would be fun to revisit these with you guys as we await the Anniversary, and the unveiling of all the goodies Sean and the team will bestow on us at the end of Phase 3.

They’re slightly out of order because the third video for me was surprisingly the most intense, due to the soundtrack choice. Well, except for the last one, featuring a voice familiar to many of us.

By the way, out of Likes till tomorrow at noon Central time. :yum:


This is my first ARG, in fact I had never heard of an ARG until I read about it on reddit, or the NMS Steam Discussion. Like one of the posters above, I only really contributed to uploading photos to project-wt.

Anyway, thanks to Alice & Smith for such a terrific ARG with so much detail and work put into the puzzles and websites. I think I am hooked on ARGs now!!

A big thank you to Hello Games for NMS! I’ve been playing since launch last year and it has been an incredible journey so far. There is so much to do and see in this universe, and with no rush to go anywhere, taking time to explore and discover.

Thanks to the wonderful and friendly community here with so much dedication to the ARG and NMS.


Oh, here… Self-quoting, to be more of a douche!
I hope everybody could see what NMS can eventually become! I’ve seen things…


I would just like to thank Hello Games and Sean for a game that in its current form blows my mind and I cannot wait to see where this game goes.


Domo arigato *bows*


Here since the beginning! I mean the announcment of NMS, prerelease hype and every step of the way through to the ARG! what Alice and Smith and Hello games has created has been absolutely wonderful, thank you so so much! I look forward to further adventures in No Mans Sky! also, a big thank you to all of Etarc, you’re a tremendous community and I love you all.

Sean (not Murray :wink: )


Be ye game-master, participant, echo, AI, or mysterious admin: I offer my sincere thanks to all of you. Like many here, Waking Titan was the first ARG I ever had the privilege of experiencing first-hand, and thanks to each and every one of you it was a truly magical experience. I will never forget the times we’ve shared and the puzzles we’ve cracked. It all felt so alive. Maybe because, in a sense, it was.

It feels like just yesterday we were huddled around our virtual radios. My Saturday mornings will be so quiet now… Perhaps I’ll need to tune in to some exotic radio while I cruise the cosmos, for old times sake.

In short: my mind is blown! :wink:

P.S. The idea to slip in songs for us to find was a stroke of genius.