Introduction Thread


Hey guys! We should probably all introduce ourselves, in case anyone new happens by. Just say a little bit about yourselves and how you got into radio! We want any new people interested in getting involved know that you can start at any time. :slight_smile:

So I’m Emily. Growing up my father was very active on radio. He was obsessed with how it gave him the ability to reach out to people all over the world. When I was little I’d mess around with his Zenith radio listening to the strange church services that seem to play on there whenever I went on. Then when I was a teenager he gifted me his Hallicrafters SX-28. He was my Elmer but now he’s gone I count on Gruffham.

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Hi, my name is Billy. My dad had a radio growing up. For some reason he chose the handle “Shadow”. I guess it was something of a childhood nickname or something. Anyhow he was on the road a lot and the radio was a way for us to keep in touch!


Hi. New to this radio stuff. Nice site.


Balmoth. A amateur web radio fidgeter when I get the chance. Have great hopes for this forum and the connections to be made here.


Welcome! :smile:


Hi everyone, I’ve been hanging around here a few days, so I figured it was time to introduce myself. I go by Vkiko online. I am a total beginner when it comes to radio, but I’ve always been interested in it.

Nice to meet everybody!


Hey fam

My name is Donny, nice to meet everyone. Never really been interested in radio much before, but my granddad was a radio operator in the army and wanna get to know little more about what it’s all about.

Hopefully you guys know more than me so I can learn a little XD


Hi, great site and community you have here. As a signals and crypto enthusiast, I’m looking forward to join, interact and learn more about amateur radio and related topics.


Hi! I’m emato, I grew up with my father and brother doing ham radio. I knew how to spell “dad” in morse before I could write it! I am into shortwave radio. Love going out onto an empty beach and searching for stations.


hey, i’m crash, i love codes and ciphers and stuff


Heyo! I’m Lucario (or Luc for short) and I’m really into music, which has gotten me a lot more curious about this radio stuff. I look forward to seeing you all around!


Hey. I’m Noah, but i go by Arteris online. Used to own a radio back when that was more popular than it is now, but unfortunately recently broke. Hoping to make some new friends here and discuss whatever about radio stuff and just generally enjoy myself.


I know nothing about radios, but you guys were noted by Project Waking Titan. I normally write software - right now monitoring this ARG with several bots.


Hey there! I’m Lilith, nice to meet you all ^^ My parents always talk about how radio was the best thing of their time, and that got me interested in looking into them. I hope we can all get along and become good friends :slight_smile:


Welcome welcome welcome :heart_eyes: This is a lot of new people so I apologize if things get a little hectic as we adjust!


Good day, I’m another one of the newcomers, always been interested with the radio stuff (especially the spooky conspiracy part, like number stations and all that ;)) and this seems like a really nice and comfy community you’ve got here. Would love to get to know everyone better and learn something too :grin:


Hi there everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve never been one to engage in forums much, more prone to lurking and occasionally talking, however this forum seemed really cool. I had an interest in the military a little while back and since then I’ve been really hooked on the various methods of communication used (both modern and old). Looking forward to speaking with all of you :smile:


G’day everyone, I just found about this form site and decided to join.
I got into radios when I noticed that some old WW1 military communication devices I lived nearby were outputting morse code. As it turns out the original morse code was corrupted when it was sent, with them later telling us “Previous Message Corrupted Await Further Instructions”. Soon after that I discovered some strange symbols across the town I lived in, and when I interacted with them, the morse code changed. As it turns out the messages were encrypted, and led me to the next symbol to go to. Eventually it led me to a windmill, where I got an old WW1 dog tag. The morse from the MCOM now only repeats two words. “MASTER MAN”.
Anyway, nice to meet you.


That sounds really… odd. Are you sure all that happened, for real? :wink: