New Arrivals Lounge

Greetings fellow Citizen Scientists and Interlopers!

Just wanted to introduce myself a little and say hi really. Have been searching for a similar thread but couldn’t find one and feel compelled to give you all a little background. (Maybe as a suggestion this could be stickied as I imagine there will be a fair few newbies wanting to just say hello)

Anyway, I’m a proud pre-order, Day 1 player and have been enjoying the game ever since. An almost daily internet search for “No Mans Sky News” following Pathfinder led me to the ARG and I’ve contributed to the puzzles where I can as well as joining in the discussions on Reddit. I’m intensely looking forward to 1.3 and eager to see the patch notes.

My journey in NMS has been a slow one, I enjoy getting lost and will happily allow myself to be waylaid by other tasks, so as a result, I have not yet made it to the Centre. This is fine with me as a game about discovery means you need to be in the undiscovered areas to see new things.

I currently have a base in the Kekurmeisi Region (?) and found some outstanding things, some of which I have taken advantage of with photo mode. I plan on doing a video walkthrough of my base soon with coordinates, so if anyone is in the area…

I’m open to the idea of joining ETARC in game and annexing all my discoveries, but let me bed in a bit here first and see what’s in store for 1.3, the ability to rename discoveries would be very helpful!

Anyway, happy travels!


Welcome :).

We already got a similar thread pinned:


Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw that one, but it seemed mostly about radio, which unfortunately I have very little experience of, (apart from listening to one of course!)

As this is/was a radio forum, or at least Emily wanted us to believe it is, some people mentioned their relation with radio. Many posts in there don’t have something todo with radio though. I guess we’ll see what the change to csd will bring.


Welcome to ETARC, the future home of CSD!

It probably doenst hurt to have a new arrivals lounge now that we’re changing from ham radio fanatics turned singularity enthusiasts turned citizen scientist.


Hi all, I’m not really into ham radio so I didn’t want to stick this in Emily’s original intro thread.
I am, however, deeply into NMS and sciencey (that’s a word, right?) stuff, though my true path is art/music. I’ve contributed as much as possible throughout the Waking Titan ARG, though that was minimal since my brain doesn’t like complicated puzzles as much as I’d like it to. I’ve also been lurking on the reddit threads and said a few words on the WT discord.
Been playing in the NMS multiverse for only six weeks and have racked up almost 300 hours so far (and still haven’t found a water world!), but I had been lusting after the game since long before it launched. I am really grateful for the Steam sale that allowed me to purchase it finally. It’s a dream come true for me. My first lvl 10 achievement was from walking everywhere exploring, marveling at the sights, and uploading discoveries. :grin:
I like the respectful way people treat each other here, though, so if it’s alright with you folks I may make my home here. :star_struck: :`)
I created new avatar just for NMS and ETARC/CSD, and thought you might like to see the full image.

New to this so I hope the upload works…

So thanks for all the ARG fun, and I hope to contribute a little more in the future.


Welcome, interloper. We have very similar background so we should get along just fine! Enjoy perusing the forums.

We just started a big HUB project for CSD, you might wanna check out this thread


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Thank you! Yes I saw that thread when it first posted and someday I may find my way there. I’m so far away from anywhere that I doubt I will be able to contribute. I really regret not being able to get NMS at launch. I’m way behind you all. And now there will be an update. O.O

Thanks again for the warm welcome. <3

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Happy to have you with us Traveller!

I had been playing NMS since launch on PS4 but I too, like yourself, was very happy to pick it up on PC thanks to that steam summer sale :smiley:

Even though you feel like you might be far behind everyone truth is we are all spread out far and wide except for those already congregating at established hubs.

The good news is, with portals, creating, establishing and populating a HUB is much easier now with instant travel, so we’ll be waiting for you in our little pocket of the galaxy whenever the time feels right for you to stop by :slight_smile:


Couldn’t put it better myself :slight_smile: Take your time. You’ll see, we’ll make it pretty easy for you to reach us when you’re ready. It’s not rocket science!

Well, actually…

It kinda is…


Hooray! Thank you. That is encouraging. <3

That made me giggle. Thanks for that. :smile:

Hi Fellow Travellers…I can’t believe I found this community at just the right time. I’ve been playing since December and 'am totally addicted. It’s been so much fun to slowly gain an understanding of the game and figure things out. I’m presently in Calypso and have just found my new home planet. It’s beautiful and I’ll have a monolith near by. It’s nice to meet fellow travelers. Especially nice ones! I’ve had some contact with the haters…I don’t get it, they’re missing the adventure this game provides. I’m not just a fan, I’m a follower! Love NMS! Happy one year Anniversary!!


Welcome @twilightstar555,
Take the time to peruse the previous threads as it is all a bit wild at the moment.
We are currently migrating servers to our new home and hopefully we can adjust the forum structure as we go.
If everyone plays nice we shall have a lovely place to share, laugh and learn.


Welcome to the kvlt.

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@Oshoryu Welcome!

You just described my experience with NMS as well, like exactly! You will find good company here (we get it). :wink:

I haven’t been here for very long myself, but I can tell you it was 100% the quality of the people here and the civility of their discussions that made me take the leap from being a solo nomad to a founding member of the ETARC Hub :laughing:. This really is a little oasis on the internet to share our love of exploration and discovery, and it has reinvigorated my love for the game!


@twilightstar555 Welcome from another fairly new traveller! Funny how this game is one that people either love or hate. Don’t understand the hate either, except that it is built on people’s self-hyped expectations and they can’t seem to take responsibility for them.
I want to play this game for the rest of my life. I guess that’s why we’re all here. :heart_eyes:

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A lot of established players start new games after a major update since so many things change,

I’ve been playing NMS on and off since it came out and I’m still learning things…probably because I’ve never looked online for hints/tips. With the ARG I’ve seen so many people discuss tactics that are so obvious I’m surprised I missed them. Something as simple as using a empty beater ship for black hole travel so nothing gets damaged on your good ships Smacked my forehead when I saw that because it’s so obvious and I never thought of it.


I agree. I’m a heads-down follow my nose type of explorer too. The thing about junker ships for black hole roulette though is that one needs to have a freighter first, yes?
I have about 82 mil units. I wonder if I should try investing in a freighter and move my home base there. Would sure make it easier to deal with the “portal roulette” of porting to and from home base to your fave stations. (The mechanics of which I still can’t quite wrap my head around) lol

Yes to Freighter, set up a small base, build the specialists stations, go to space station, hire the specialists (ag and science), do their quests and you’ll get all the recipes. I make credit by farming Temerium and Spadonium, making Insulating Gel, then selling. I hope by redoing my farm I can pull in over 4M per crop. You’ll need enough to seed a at least one to start, but it’s the fastest way I found to make credits.