New to ETARC

I just wanted to say Hello, I have been playing NMS since launch on and off and have over 2000 hours in it. More ‘on’ lately because I want to see all of 1.3 before it’s gone and we go to what’s NEXT.

I’ve been on other forums, but am really tired of the trolls, that forum didn’t put an end to it (The Steam Forums) and I really wanted a place to talk to NMS without that mess. I am on one of the Facebook groups, but that’s not really a place for discussion, just quick posts and quips.

I’ve known about this group since it changed to atlas-65, but this is the first time I decided to create an account.

I play on Normal on PC, I enjoy the relaxing adventure, and am starting a second save file because I stranded my first save when I picked the Tranquil option. I wanted to be in Euclid because I figured that’s where I am more likely to meet folks online in NEXT.

I did see all of the Artemis story, but on this play through, I am going to end it by staying in Euclid, and going to go for all the glyphs and building a farm to get a nice Freighter and ships.

I’ve followed some of the ARG, but that thing confuses the begeebes out of me, so, I just enjoy watching it and any clues that we get for what’s coming.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it, just saying HI


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