Even if Waking Titan ends, I don't want ETARC to end as well!

I have really grown to enjoy talking to people on this forum. There is a lot of smart and polite people on here. We talk about things that interest me like science, philosophy, and even No Man’s Sky!

Emily’s vlog that said it could be her last one really scared me. If Waking Titan ends, is this forum going to disappear? Or will everyone lose interest and leave?

I post on Reddit, but there is so many trolls, haters, and just plain rude people. Here I found a place to discuss intellectual things and felt welcomed, and there’s no horrible down-vote system.

Does anyone else agree with me? Does anyone enjoy this forum beyond trying to solve a mystery? Will any of you stay even if Waking Titan ends or is inactive for a long time?


I totally agree. My long essays on the NMS Subreddit go mostly unnoticed, and the discussion there is often of a fairly low, unserious level with lots of adolescent harsh posts. This place is full of bright, friendly people, fun to talk to and share ideas with. I haven’t looked into Discord, I’m much too used to message boards, and it’s nice to find an active one that self-updates.

If this place does go away, we’ll have to migrate somewhere, and I’ll want to archive just about everything posted here, because the sharing of ideas is very thoughtful, sensible and as fun for me to read as playing NMS itself. We should definitely try to maintain our little community of lay detectives, scientists and philosophers. :wink:


Agreed, I was a lurker on nomansfans when it was the only bastion after the post launch mutinys on other subreddits and then made my home in nomanshigh when I realised it’s users were a lot less wrapped up in politics and just enjoying the game.

However, I’ve never been a fan of reddits layout or how it works. This forum reminds me of the good old days of internet boards and little bubble communitys that share a common goal or interest. This is my new home I think :slight_smile:

Saying that, there are some really good NMS role playing reddits. There was one I just remembered that cropped up maybe a month or two before waking titan, was a guy writing and inviting others to join in, fan fiction/role playing within the lore of the abandoned buildings. Was nice and lovecraftian and now I’m wondering if it was coincidence or if this guy knew something we didnt haha. Will try find it again

This one, totally unrelated fan fiction/role playing sub reddit but damn is it good reading from the Mod!


Perfectly put. I wish I had the time to more actively contribute here, but life/work always seems hectic over the summer. It’s been great seeing the level of adult respectful conversation here. A real change from most places on the internet. As for this journey, I shall love it to the end. I hope it does continue in some form afterwards. Been a real pleasure.


Oh don’t worry


I’m not a social butterfly by any stretch of the imagination. Like I don’t even watch YouTube videos where they talk to the camera, I’m not ready for that level of intimacy. Or a book that goes "You can imagine how he felt when . . . " instead of "One can . . . "

That said, this is the least difficult social experience I’ve had. :stuck_out_tongue: Uh… if it can be called a “social” experience. I mean I can’t say I interacted with anyone specifically… I’m just kinda barking at the moon in response to what’s as good as some graffiti I happened to see… :frowning:


I still haunt the Dust514 forums after all this time. CCP kept them active and I couldn’t leave.

I will show the same trend here as well. I’m in it until they pull the plug.


I’ve made a few contributions to the comments in the archive. Brain is my favorite redditor.

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My room mate still talks about Dust every now and then in the same way I talk about Firefly… Heart breaking stuff.

I am very new to reddit, literally only used it in the past for AMA’s but went full retard when NMS came out and I needed to find a safe place from the witch hunt/hate wagon.

His mindwar lore archive on reddit is just a joy to read. It’s what I end up doing most times in work on a quiet saturday like today :slight_smile:

Though now I haunt the ETARC community on saturdays too. Today should prove interesting :smiley: So seeing as only 3 people ever upvote Mindwar posts and I’m one of them, you MUST be the other 2, one from this 'verse and another bleeding through form another 'verse obviously :blush:

Is he/she/it among us, here on ETARC, I wonder?


As the ARG will soon finish, do you guys think that the ETARC will be closed aswell?

I am a leaf on the wind watch how I soar

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yea I have been just sticking to the etarc community find it the best meet some really smart people and everyone is friendly, and sense my email is now tagged to get messages anytime some one post here I will probably stick around till they shut it down lol


If ETARC remains I’ll stay.
I’m not much of a forum/internet type of person and typically utilise the internet more as a tool than a playground. My remote location, dependence on low level signal strength (sometimes none) & limited data access limits the “fun” factor somewhat. That being said, my affection for the NMS game, the interesting discussions and pleasant attitudes to sometimes outlandish theories and the general positivity on this form will have me returning, if only to check out discussions rather than participate. I do love a bit of wild philosophy even if it takes me a while to formulate a response.
Cheers to all you nice people. :hugs:


I’ve just discovered this place recently and I love the more civil discussion. I hope it remains a place to discuss our passion for NMS! I know I’m new here but for those who are on Steam or interested to join. We do have a group
over there with over 300 members in sub group that we don’t allow haters just fellow enthusiasts so that’s always a
possibility. I’m Cpt. Wyo TCNMS IKS Bortas over there and our group is The Cosmos of NMS TCNMS. One of us just
need to invite you to the group. Hopefully we can continue here though and if some of you want to join us over there
just message me on Steam.


If the Site is property of Alice and Smith, I for one would be interested in coming forward to purchase the domain and keep it alive if they have plans to shut it down shortly after the ARG ends.

So if any PM’s are reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. In fact I’m sure I’m not the only one here who would be interested in keeping ETARC alive for years to come. Give it back to the community :slight_smile:

I would love for this to become a home away from the hub.

@Wyo Nice to meet you fellow traveller and Citizen Scientist.

I’m ToddUmptious on Steam, feel free to message me :slight_smile:


I’d be up to share the fee to keep ETARC after the fact, too. For Emily.


@toddumptious this is incredible of you :astonished: I did figure out a few days ago that ETARC is powered by Discourse, and I guess is a discourse community. Here: https://www.discourse.org/ If that’ll be a possible help in the future, I don’t know.
ETARC is also crate spelled backwards :upside_down_face:

Hopefully this site stays around. I really don’t contribute anything…useful…but I do love to read the discussions on here and to catch up with what other fellow travellers are up to.


I agree that it would be sad to see this forum go after the ARG is done. I think this is the nicest corner of the internet (as far as the people go), and the forum itself is really well made and easy to use.

That being said, I’m not sure I would feel like I fit in if we weren’t all working together toward a common mysterious goal. I lurked for a couple weeks in July before joining on the 21st (when phase 2 started). I’ve since started posting and interacting with people (which has been pleasant), but not enough to really connect with anyone.

Maybe that will change in the coming weeks. :smirk:


Oooh that might make things easier, would mean I’d only have to pay for a domain name to point to the discourse (or is discourse a forum service you pay for?) page.

Noooope, just checked. 100$ a mnth hosting with discourse… Eep. Okay, so… who wants to go in on a timeshare with me?! XD Oh god…