This week in History (sorta, kinda, ETARCs Birthweek)

So looking at the upcoming anniversaries on this website, it seems a lot of people came here this time last year.

Most people joined between the ninth of June and the week or two that followed…

So this weekend is our collective anniversary more or less :slight_smile:

Its crazy to think it’s nearly been a full year since we were all thrown together into this mystery, it honestly feels like I’ve known you all a lot longer.

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday week to Emily and her crazy Sci fi loving disciples (and her crazy detractors too :wink:).

If you have any good memories from your time on ETARC/Atlas65/CSD forums I encourage you to share them here :slight_smile:

I know I have some but I’ll have a think on some of them, in the meantime I think my favourite thread has to be Through the Window photos. Also if we could get the waking titan meme thread revived, I would be very happy :blush:

Oh yeah, that time my tattoo got up voted on reddit and people sent me death threats, that’s actually a pretty funny memory from my time here (not sarcasm, genuinely found it funny someone would do that)

I do realise a lot of people joined towards the end of May but I don’t think it was till around this week the no mans sky community were alerted so seems like a fitting time to start a thread like this.


One of my memories here, one I watched unfold from the start of the thread to its conclusion and has since passed into legend is the, “Alaya-Meadows Incident”

It started as an exciting read, learning how @toddumptious was making plans to visit @Mad-Hatter’s base, and then it all went wrong.

It’s not a good memory at all, but it had drama in spades.


Oh man I think my guilt from that cataclysm made me block that memory out XD


Searching memory… searching…

Object located.




The reddit post I made making light of myself and the backlash of August 2016, for which I received much hate but far far far more unconventional love from the community :blush:


Ooooooh I remember this race during the Twitch marathon, calibrations phases. @toddumptious in a taxi rushing the observatory, taking the pic, saying here he can’t load it from his phone, me doing it for him (with his nickname of course) and he was the 1st, with only few minutes in advance on another irish Citizen Scientist.

The 48h Twitch marathon were really crazy, so many things to do, watch etc…


One of my favourite moments in Waking Titan were The “Azure Voyage”, the “old Gods” mails, Emily doing her videos, The very first Waking Titan console before the new display, the Mr NOODLES game on Twitch, the lack of sleep I had after that, discovering that @toddumptious has an actual NMS tatoo on his wrist!! :sunglasses:, and most of all, the community that I found.

Man this community is just something I never experienced. I can’t say I have a very favourite special moment, since my best souvenir is you guys.
What I think it is super special, is that people here are just good people, and now I am not scared anymore to ask stupid question like I sometimes do. I know I won’t get judged or anything. :rofl:

There is something I remember, and I don’t know if anyone else does. Guys, remember approx. 6 months ago, the forum went down for like at least 5 hours or even more? (when the japanese fonts used to show up)

I remember that because coming to the ETARC forum has become an habit now. Of course there is people (from the old ones) that I started to care about more, or simply read with attention what they write, and I suddenly felt… so lonely! I thought: Man… that can’t be real !!!

Hopefully the forum went up again a few hours later. I think I remember @sheralmyst talking about it aswell!

So many things to say and remember, just want to say Happy birthday to you my friends, and I hope we will still get some work to keep ourselves united!


Your fellow Traveller, Arpoja


I have so many memories from this forums page, there it’s way too much to put in one post.

I remember first signing up here mid September, not sure what it was. All I knew was that, “It’s Waling Titan related, so I have to join”. I quickly understood what it was and was surprised (and still am) on how nice everyone was here. My perspective on forums pages were, things that people complain and argue a lot on.

The post I probably remember most is the one about our ages. I remember seeing everyone way older than me and being kinda nervous about it, because I’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to people being a-holes once they realized my age. But after I shared the truth, the feedback was something I had never expected. It was at that exact post where I realized that this place was different than most forums pages. And so I stayed, and posted more, and met everyone, and loved it.

Thanks for being here guys. :heart:

(Ok that’s enough sappy talking for me, now to wait until next years anniversary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


I remember that topic and your trepidations towards revealing your age when it became apparent we were for the majority, older gamers, but we were all young gamers once and I think we’ve carried that awe and wonder into age with us, for some people it just dies off as responsibility consumes their every waking moment.

A good handful of the people here are still quitewyoung, early to late teens, so you’re not alone but you definitely are one of the more prevelant youngsters around here. I say that like I’m some old sage when I’m only 31 and that’s actually quite young when you take into account the age range around here.


Yes. I remember that. I created a thread for it…someplace…here it is

I can’t believe this ARG has lasted a whole year. When multi-player hits, look at all the awesome people we will be able to hang out with. :sunglasses:


That’s the one!!



For me it was simply being able to feel part of a larger NMS community for the first time. The connection was made tangible even though I am all the way in southern hemisphere and in Africa (you know the “dark” continent so far from “civilisation” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
A few of my colleagues in the software company i was working at the time introduced me to the NMS hype prelaunch in 2016. And then watched some of their gameplay and was hooked. I went and bought a min spec new laptop with HD screen . My colleagues (serious gamers) dropped out of playing within a few months and have never participated in the ARG.

I then left the company in 2017 and know no one else personally in my city or country that plays. My connection to a community is this virtual one of the ECSD .
Thank you all for being a major part of my NMS interloping travels.


For me it’s been the ETARC community, it’s so friendly here! I really enjoyed the DEV KIT part of the ARG and working with some amazingly talented people at CSD GAMES…you know who you all are! It’s been great fun and I hope it continues :smiley::+1:


Well, Happy anniversaries Nomads, Blessings to you all. I have spent way to many hours on here I should have been sleeping this past year. Got to be a habit, had to cut myself off for a time. Stay the peaceful, non-negative non-judgmental players you are.

My fondest memory is @zsigmond scolding me and @Mad-Hatter in the [ETARC HUB]: CSFD Address reporting for trying to out like each other. He was all like listen here kids stop that non-reporting posting. We promptly apologized and delete the post.

Looks like he out liked us all!!!

Many more fond memories of the Forum and Arg. Here is hoping for more. Thanks to All. :heart_eyes:


Nearly every memory here for me is a fond memory…
The disastrous & rather public monument glitch with @toddumptious that @sheralmyst mentioned, is a great memory, despite it nearly wrecking my game.
My first successful meeting with @CrossID at my old base in the hub is another good memory (we politely deleted our posts due to hijacking a thread).

Another fond memory, was the discovery of the long starchain (that later became the ETARC hub), while on a cross-galactic quest. After sharing a pic, everybody got excited & I had to backtrack to re-find the chain. Luckily, I had a ton of warp cells already & my galactic map had a faint traceline to follow.

I think getting a pat on the head from @oldgods & being offered a leader role was my greatest personal honour & it’s been a pleasure to be able to help others out, when it was possible.
In truth though, the real goddess on this forum is @DevilinPixy. With her assistance & understanding, so many people have been able to learn all sorts of info. Hats off to you my lady.

It’s been a great time and I hope NEXT just adds to our special community. :hugs:


Tis the fun … flying through space … CSD
May it not end for each and everyone including EMILY!