ETARC (now Atlas CSD) was down. How did you feel?


I could not access the forum for a whole day. I was surprised how it made me feel. Suddenly, I felt vulnerable. What if something goes wrong? Who will I turn to for help? Who was I going to share my experiences with? I missed the banter and discussion. The universe seemed to swallow me whole and I became just one lone traveller once again. I am so glad to be back! :slight_smile:

This week in History (sorta, kinda, ETARCs Birthweek)

Totally lost. I was even checking Reddit for news


I asked the question in our ETARC group on steam, hopefully someone answered so I felt less lonesome :smiley:

@Oldgods, If you work on the new CSD forum, could you at least let us an informitve “error page” because we never know where the problem come from :wink:


I even googled “ETARC Forums Down” to see if anyone else was having the same problem…


I was similarly vexed


It was down for around 18hrs in total. Couldn’t get on it last night either.

Must have had tech issues or surely there would have been a splash page or announcement?


Chrome was giving me the error “too many redirects” so I think was some kind of DNS issue. and yeah, started sometime before 11pm (UK) last night


I eventually reported it in the zendesk :wink:


18 hours!? It felt like two days… I felt surprisingly uneasy. Like an itch from a ghost-limb…


I know, felt totally cut off from the Mother-ship!

I checked it around 18:00 GMT and it was down then, so yeah around 18 hrs but it definitely felt longer!


Specially having a new update/patch between our hands! There was lot of fixed stuff I noticed and wanted to communicate… wondering if there were other new stuff I missed…


Not lucky enough to play on PC so us plebs on PS4 have to wait for all the cool stuff :frowning_face:


Was a lonesome time with ‘Etarc Coms’ out of contact. Was worried the pending server transfer had wiped me and I’d never find my fellow Etarcians again.

Looost iiin spaaace. :grin:


Scared me at first, “where has ETARC gone?” But the error message said “redirect error” so I thought the site was finally updating. nope, just down. Glad to be back :grin:


I assumed it was my browser at first


It was the Russians!!! lol


A redirect to a “Temporarily Down” message would have been helpful.

I did have the passing thought that something may have been going on with the ARG. :grinning: …and also the thought that my IT dept. blocked me… so many thoughts going through my head and things I tried to bring the forums back up (in case the issue was on my end).


When I saw that ETARC was down, I assumed it was part of the ‘transformation to the CSD forum’, wish it was…


I actually had the same issue with ‘too many re-directs’ the day before, which I could fix. Not the day after when it happened again though … The forum was stuck in a loop, felt totally lost :confounded:


It was, actually.