ETARC is now the CSD Forums officially


You can now see the ATLAS FOUNDATION logo where the ETARC logo once was,I hope this is only the beginning of the changes to the forum but I will not be disappointed if thats the only change

Edit:There is now a theme!
Go to Settings
Then Interface and click the box that says ETARC,It will show a new theme called Atlas,click it and you will be able to see it


There’s also an Atlas theme available in preferences. It looks very nice, is this new?


Yes,It just happened now


Excellent. I’m very excited for the future of ETARC. This is a really nice hub for No Man’s Sky fans!


The new theme took a while for me to kick in properly, resulting in quite a mess at first. This made it hard to revert and once I finally managed to get there, it all popped in place. Have to get used to the color scheme, but glad to rid of the bright white.


Nice and fancy!
Must be why ETARC was down yesterday


The atlas theme doesn’t work properly on my iPhone, it displays it as a very basic web page with old school hyperlinks :frowning:️


Glad the update is here! I can already smell an Atlas pass getting closer to my mailbox haha


I sigh every time I walk away from my mailbox empty-Atlas-Pass-handed…


I’d go with this being the reason for the recent down-time - Well worth it - nice job @oldgods! Wouldn’t it now make sense to change the domain from Etarc to Atlas?


Nice theme… But why did we chose pink again?


Emily is definitely a girl :stuck_out_tongue:


The new theme fits NMS quite well what with all the red coloured planets I seem to encounter… :wink:


Well it’s more the Atlas forum rather than CSD I suppose. It’s nice but I thought they’d change the url since that still says ETARC and can be a bit confusing for people looking to join in the future. Other than that no real complaints…though it would be nice to have more theme options…some NMS artwork background option or some such.


All in good time @DarthTrethon :slight_smile:


love the new theme, feels warm, friendly and easy on the eye :+1:


This is my first post. I’ve been lurking here since the ARG finished and 1.3 dropped. Glad to see we are officially official.


Welcome! Pull up a chair :smiley:


Is this site linked on the main No Man’s Sky website other than the month old 1.3 announcement? How will people in the future find this as the official No Man’s Sky forum?


I’m pretty sure they will provide a link on their page eventually. Right @oldgods?

Also I believe they should be posting every announcement here as well instead of just at their pages.

This should appear at