ETARC forum suggestion : Different Themes

I would love to have a variety of Themes on this awesome Forum, with different lay outs and stuff!

You guys probably know what I mean ^^

also, not sure where to post suggestions!


You can start a forum,suggestion thread right here, if you choose to do so. However, making big changes to the layout might not happen. This forum was created for the Waking Titan ARG and has changed hands from A&S to HG. As you know, HG is very busy at the moment. We do have a few people we could try to wave down but…that could take some time to do.
@DevilinPixy could tell you more.


It would indeed be nice to have a wide variety of themes to choose from. We currently have two themes to choose from in our preferences (interface); Atlas and Etarc.

Discourse does provide tools to make creating themes quite ‘easy’. Themes or theme components can also be imported.

More info on ‘themes’ can be found here:

However, as @sheralmyst already mentioned, we do rely on HG for any themes to be created or changes being made. Unless there is a need or big wish for changes from the community, it is unlikely for this to happen.


You could just make it that you can toggle themes