Forums new design



We just updated the design for the forums… (welcome to the Atlas Citizen Science Division forums!):slight_smile: - Since the change is significant it is possible you find some glitches (Ex: light text on a light background) - please use this thread to let me know.

I hope you like the new style!


Forum Features
  1. Teal? blue links on grey(ish) background is difficult to read
  2. The “type here” text in the reply box is almost impossible to read.

sorry, I’m old and my eyes are tired :wink:

[edit] I do actually like the rest of the theme, I think :wink:


Although I am getting used to the new design and honestly starting to grow on it, I have a few things I like to see changed for now:

  • I find the difference in color between ‘read’ and ‘unread’ topics on the main page (All Categories) right side, quite hard to distinguish. Not sure if the color requires changing as other alternative ways can be used as well to further distinguish between them. Possibly bold/italic or a darker/lighter shade of transparency.
  • When creating a reply or editing, the cursor with the ‘text’ property is hardly visible, making it hard to find where the cursor is located.


Sometimes the Atlas logo on the top left glitches out and tries (and fails) to load the old ETARC logo. I’ll end up getting the ‘error loading blank x box’ thing with “ETARC community” next to it


I like the white on gray with pink ‘likes’. Blue on gray in the drop down list, top right, is difficult to see. Thank you guys for all your hard work! :blush:


Overall it’s a big improvement and much easier on the eyes! :):grinning:

One minor critique: the mouse pointer disappears in the grey textbox while writing responses.


Blue text on grey is to hard to read.
Light grey on text for link is hard to read against pink.
Like the overal theme and find that bright white text on dull background colours very pleasant.


Some few hiccups here and their,but hopefully this new rebrand and change to CSD will mean our Atlas V4 Passes might be coming into the fold soon??


Atlas logo glitching to Etarc logo and or nms logo, every once in a while or on mouse over, would be cool. :sunglasses:


A welcome relief from the intensity of all white backgrounds. :sunglasses:

As others have mentioned, upper right menus with cyan text on grey needs work. Also, i-beam mouse cursor (text entry) disappears within text edit panes.

Thank you for soliciting feedback!


I think it looks cool , I like the colors and the white text.


Agreed on the blue-on-grey, I think some of us are older and more blind than you think :grin: otherwise I like it!


Perfect on screen, but as mentioned, blue-grey over grey is not readable for me on mobile, when subject to natural light. Even on full brightness, the screen contrast just doesn’t cut it.

Am I the only one that gets a sort of dating-site feel from the new skin? All those pinks… and the sensual curves at the bottom? And with all the hearts that were always a staple of our lovely community… It sort of reinforces that?

I’m a bit worried, now, with as much as I look at this forum, and NMS content in general… It’s going to be really hard to convince my wife I’m not having a virtual affair!

-“Wait, what is that you are browsing? Who are you chatting with so much… WHO IS THAT DEVILIN’PIXIE!?”
-“Oh, don’t worry… is just NO MAN’s Sky stuff…”
-Oh, really… relieved it’s not Grinder, then.


You crack me up :joy:


Remember, Emily loves you


A female basilisk singularity AI pretender… She’d be so not alright with that… But maybe allowing it would be the only sane choice.
I’ll give it a shot.
No Man’s Sky being such a love at first sight deal, this is going to continue, anyways…


I laughed so hard at this :joy:


@oldgods The forum will not load at all on PS4 for me now. It says “Not Compatible with the PS4 due to NAT type” and if I display the page anyway, it’s just a blank white screen. Since I don’t have a PC or smartphone, I cannot participate in the forum from my home.


Hey, guys! It’s Anashel from Alice & Smith. I’ll take the lead on anything related to the tech support of the ARG Forums, etc…

I made some tweak to the UI. Let me know if it’s fixed.



The blues are much better, at least on my phone, thanks!