Forums new design


Yep blue in menu is better.
Like/link icons almost disappear as you move from purple to pink backing. Need stronger contrasting colour.


Updated the background texture, let me know if you like it!


Looks good here, like buttons are much easier to see!


Welcome on board Anashel … :wink:


Hey Anashel. So many questions but nothing related to the forum :sweat_smile:


I feel a metamorphosis! Like a dark inter-dimensional arcane entity turned into Barbarella, of sorts… I’ll try to flow with the times…


I can’t take anything you say seriously when your avatar is Sean Connery in Zardoz


@Virakotxa. I was finally used to the creepy Geiger face and now this is a whole new kind of creepy. Well done sir.

Liking how everyone has decided to replace their avatars now we have a new themed home.


Not seriously is the best way to take anything?
Seriously now… Has anyone seen @toddumptious lurking lately? Together with Emily’s, those are some strong voices to be heard on what they think about the new “pink-floyd” look… Anyone could be next!! They are going for the hearts!


Shades of Purple

@OldGods @Anashel,


I think it’s awesome that you found a way to keep links blue.
Familiarity means, “It’s a link, no question about it.” :link:
You swapped white to grey, to shades of purple, so it seems.

It seems like it resembles Tyrian purple for the header. And Pansy purple for the editor.
And I guess perhaps the body falls somewhere between. Close enough for rocket science.

Links are now sky blue. Notifications are rust orange. Basic tabs are olive w/ gold.
In fact, even scroller & such are now teal. And somehow everything seems to work.

And since we’re spinning the color wheel, so glad you found a purpose for green. No color says outdoors adventure more vibrantly… I mean, well I uh, unless @Emily dreams otherwise, of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I now just want to mix this forum in a blender. Admire it.
Call it a “Tropical Berry Fruit Slushy”.—Slurp n’ savour. :rainbow:


I like to think I helped, even a little


You see my friends, what we now behold is…

The Sophisticated Flavour of the Bubbly Infinite

No warning? — One sip. :cocktail::champagne: That’s all it takes.

Fragreance of royalty, delectable passion, vintagey retro with a rustic :zap: BUZAM!
And if anyone of us have anything against pinks n’ purples, let us hold our tongues… in cheek.
You see we have to go back to the beginning, where it all started. {{checks date on wine}}

Quoting @Emily"We in all our collective wisdom chose pink." …click to see.

You see, the choices we made really did matter. But I like it. :drooling_face: Every last drop.

Dude’s final words…

"It takes a real man to wear pink!"

…and don’t you forget it, lol.

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@OldGods @Anashel,

I’m on desktop. And when I click "Forums new design" directly from "ETARC (now Atlas CSD) was down. How did you feel?" thread… Instead of arriving at intended link “” it takes me to “”… Which displays blank.

Just making you aware.


What browser are you using @Crimsontine, or possibly mobile device? I am not having that issue on Chrome, although the hyperlink in the post itself, does have the old Etarc link, I do get re-directed properly:

<a href="">Forums new design</a>


I’m still lurking, just been on 6 day weeks for the last forever so no time to leave intricate comments or post fun time pics from 1.3 ventures :frowning: I love purple. It’s my favourite colour. But not the sorta vibrant purple in the body of this text entry field. I don’t overly mind it either, though it is an attack on the senses where as ETARC look was chilled and with a hint of calm blueness. It’s got my approval anyway, havent been using it enough to notice any colour clashes with links or anything etc


I only realised just recently as I mainly use my pc to view the forum but on my old ipad (3), with the marginal difference in how it interprets shades of colour compared to pc (in no need of monitor calibration) the pinkish tone used on the left for indicating how many replies on that device, I really can’t see too well. Still I would say that’s quite a small issue overall…

…and other than that, can confirm that I too had noticed your absence @toddumptious (as well as @Shota and her equally revered nms-brain, for whom life has perhaps also become more busy, may she return!), gets like that doesn’t it from time to time but nice to see you back :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, that purple, as in the number of likes, is still almost invisible on mobile. Wish the really visible orange was used on that more useful info. Or exchange the Grey and the pale pink and just get rid of it.


On the orange yes, that would be great!



The new shade for me is enough. :tophat:
Those hearts though… It’s not very intuitive to check if you have personally showed love for said post or not. Instead of between purple and salmon, I’d try something that looked like a wound on the world. Crimson and ragged-edged, like something that once lived but was then torn asunder…? :heartpulse: