ETARC Hub - Vote for logo design!

It’s about time to get a logo! Vote Now!

After all these months and various attempts to create the ultimate logo, it has been decided to bring some of the top creations to this poll.

We have chosen those designs that mostly match an earlier poll for elements to be included. Considering how long it has been since this topic was started, some designs may not have the full text as wished for. For that reason we want you all to focus mostly on the general design. Text can usually easily be changed and/or added.

Once voting has ended, a winner will be announced. We will then allow the designer of the winning logo to possibly make some required changes. In addition to the winning design, up to 3 more variations based on the same design will be allowed for one last voting round. This will then conclude the logo design with a final community choice for the ETARC Hub to be identified by.

Let’s hear it everyone!


These are all awesome designs.
Although I have a favourite, I love all of them.
Well done all you talented people!!! :clap:


The Explorer Tactical and Research Community one looks amazing…nice re-interpretation of the ETARC acronym…loads better and more relevant than Edison Township Amateur Radio Club…and the amount of detail on it is incredible…all the glyphs, nice portal redesign to look more sciency…yeah. That is incredibly well done.


I like all of these, so it was a tough call, I will be more than happy with any one of them.


Out of likes :frowning:

Just a PSA for those voting on mobile, if you accidentally vote while scrolling (like I’ve done twice now :see_no_evil:) in order to get the ability to change your vote, you first need to hide results, then it will allow you to choose again :wink:


Any of them will look great on my flight jacket. Uh…we are getting flight jackets to sew these onto, right?


The total lack of appreciation for the Explorer one is quite sad to be honest…I moved my vote to the 2nd best looking one because an even worse one got the votes to tie it at the top.

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Secretly I’m going to wear all of them on jackets… Feck, did I just type that out loud?


It is a very tough choice. They are all good choices. I voted for the Atlas Citizen Science Division one because it includes not only how we started but also what we have become.:star_struck:

Can’t really argue about taste! At least we will find out which result is liked by most… Best to keep your vote honest, although with results being public, I can see it having an influence.


Yep, I think we shall just have to keep them all.
It’s our hub we can just have all the logos :grin:
The 2 top choices (at present) the black portal with azure stars and the glyphs over diamond stars are both truly lovely.

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Actually, Why NOT?
The Top one can become the HUB logo. We can have the rest of them and more as SQUAD LOGOS.:sunglasses:


Can @chelofellow wonderful logo ideas be in the poll too? I’d vote for them :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea…


I like them all :slight_smile:

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Maybe we should just keep making logos :grin:
I believe there are 37 star systems in the Etarc Hub star chain. Maybe they a could each have a logo…:rofl:


You can draw them all because I liked your inspiring pencil sketch!

I’m still working on that design for you which is why I painfully learned to use Inkspace to draw a portal I can use :slight_smile: If you hadn’t drawn your logo sketch I would never had a reason to learn Inkspace. Thank you for that. We all have played a part in all sorts of unexpected ways. :slight_smile:

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Won’t have to draw many…we have tons of them already. :smile:
Glad I instigated some learning. I’ve always found that being inspired always makes learning something new enjoyable.
That sketch was atrocious but at the time all I had to hand was a little scrap of paper and an old pen :roll_eyes:

NOt aTroCioUS at ALL! DOn’t be silly :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s just me but I still don’t like the stars on the portal of our leading vote getter. I love everything else about it but the stars seem to be overpowering the rest of the design.