Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo!

@Xion4012 yes I agree completely.

Here’s what I propose we do:
(1) we decide on a group of people that are “in charge” for the logo-decision
(2) we make a poll on a shortlist of 5 of the logo submissions made so far
(3) voila, the popular vote decides

I volunteer to be part of the group of people to manage the process, but we’d need like 2-3 more people in order for this not to be a one-person thing?

I could also do this entirely by myself, in which case I might include more options as for eligible logos.

If voting starts on Monday we can have a logo for us by the end of next week! :slight_smile:


@Xion4012 @bcatrek

From my understanding a group have already assembled and are preparing a poll of all the best submissions that fit the criteria we voted on months back.

I suspect it will be up by Monday the latest and the intention is to have the final product presented just days before NEXT hits.

Personally I believe we already have a logo in terms of its symbols, Star chain, portal, glyphs, etarc. Once it has those signifiers, no matter what form it takes it will speak ETARC to me. What we don’t have is an official, set and finalised, visual representation of our logo/emblem/whatever.

That’s why, while I’m all for us having an official logo to use on official statements etc, I am also very much liking the idea that if you so please, you can make your own logo or choose one you like to use for yourself personally, once it has those key signifiers, people who know, will know it’s etarc.


Ok then! I wasn’t aware of this work already being done. I look forward to the poll coming soon then! It’s going to be exciting for sure!


Thank you for stepping up. Hopefully this will come to order and we can proceed in a fashion that produces results. I am sure we would all like to have a decision so we can move on to what comes NEXT. :sunglasses:


Yup, me too! Looking forward for the poll!


We no longer require submissions and want to thank everyone who participated in showing some wonderful creations.

We now have a poll running for 3 days, to decide on the design everyone likes best, go check it out below and cast your vote!


Whoaaaah hold up Mr @DevilinPixy ! :slight_smile: There are these to add. Having re-read the earlier polls on symbolism I included a portal this time. I hope its a more distinctive silhouette of the Portal. Anyone is welcome to include it in their design.

I also managed to include the International Amateur Radio Symbol (used on the original Edison Township Logo) on the Portal Post. So dropped the Morse Code thing.

I’m sure @chelofellow was going to submit another variation and we haven’t reached Monday. Someone mentioned something about Monday perhaps that was Trump. FAKE NEWS! lol

Also and most importantly I spent sometime today putting @Sir_oops fantastic Austin Powers text into a design for him. His efforts with that text style were amazing. I just had to include it for him and perhaps our younger members… like Toby hee hee.

I must point out that the logo ideas from me in the poll, aren’t the ones I preferred to put into the poll. The computerised font was really only a bit of fun to nudge people to submit anything different. @Sir_oops took it to another level of course… lol Another uses the word atlas which was dropped and there is no blue version of the black and white one. All concepts in need of refining.

ANyway here you go with the last ones from me. Thank you @DevilinPixy for preparing a poll.

and these too which have clearer black and white variations also:

Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo! - #263 by johnnycloud


PS Also I really liked @chelofellow submissions. It would be easy to alter the text to ETARC Citizen Science Division. Can they be included in the poll too? I like the one with the little space craft. I’d vote for them :slight_smile:

Here’s their Link


Those are some excellent designs.
I’d be concerned that they are too detailed though and will get messy when compressed down to smaller sizes.
They’d make awesome T shirts though.
I really like the look of the blue/grey one.


Yes that’s all very true. I agree. :slight_smile:

I think this looks great an early one from @chelofellow . The little Glyphs could simply be little white stars like the blue ones. The text needs to change to the correct wording but that bit is easy. Looks nice small. Sadly it isn’t in the poll.


Unfortunately all these logos will be somewhat pointless since we can’t use them in game…unless Sean and HG manage to implement an image importing system similar to that of Gran Turismo Sport that lets players import anything and everything that strikes their fancy to use as decals on their cars.

Though I’d settle for an in-game personalized flag creation system as the auto generated flags in game get horribly confused at times.

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It would be great to do some customs decals and import them into the game. You just reminded me of font copyrights. I’ll have to go check some things. :frowning:

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As far as GT Sport is concerned copyright doesn’t seem to have any impact on the image importing at all…I’ve seen people make Mario themed liveries in GT Sport by straight up importing images of Mario, Peach and so on into the game without issues…as far as I can tell Sony has not acted against these gamers and Nintendo hasn’t raised a storm about it either…which is odd as Nintendo will strike down any and all youtube videos to show an image of one of their characters if the the youtubers showing said images haven’t signed their lives away into slavery for Nintendo and for those who have sold themselves into slavery, Nintendo gets to take all the money from their videos only to give back a portion…as long as the indentured youtubers behave like good slaves should.

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It’s indirectly ‘fair use’ free publicity. If say though it became integrated into the game then the image copyright would become an issue as Mario would be indirectly ‘making a buck’ for someone else’s product and they’d be without royalties. If say Hub areas become integrated into the game one day in the future then maybe Hello Games might want to look more closely at what parts are being used. Worry about that hurdle when we get there. First we have to march on Atlas like a Trump demonstrator to ban the Xbox logo Exosuit helmet!

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Yeah but Nintendo doesn’t care about fair use…AT ALL!! As far as Nintendo is concerned if someone doesn’t agree with them they should be shut down…they are one of the largest violators of fair use out there…and the problem with fair use is that it’s more of a general agreement mos of the world lives by, not something that has truly been tested in a court of law. In fact the EU just passed a law that would pretty much completely kill off fair use as soon as early 2019.

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While I do like the designs and appreciate even more submissions, we decided on sticking with the earlier poll results, mostly. We also decided to cut down on variations, where the design is pretty much the same, to limit the amount of options for a vote. As stated, we want a vote on the best general design, not be too specific about some details.

The Monday was mentioned by @bcatrek , while preparations for this poll were already in full swing. This was never decided on by the hub as a day for closing submissions. We wanted to finally come to a conclusion as this topic has been ongoing for almost a year. If we were made aware of additional submissions coming in, on such short notice, we would have surely included them.

I am sorry for any confusion, but the poll stands for now, a winning design will be decided on. The winning designer can then decide to make additional variations for this general design (up to 3), with possibly some required alterations.


Anyone still have a Pog or button maker. The radio symbols on the columns, nice. You even almost made my groovy lettering look good!


AUstin Powers would be proud of you @Sir_oops



@johnnycloud: When it comes to fonts, there is a distinct difference between typeface and a font. It is certainly possible that a font is licensed, while a typeface is not. Nowadays most fonts are considered software, a program, which is when it would allow to be copyrighted. Licenses can differ a great deal though and there are also loads of free fonts out there. Better to be safe than sorry however, even though you’ll often get away with it. Make sure to check for the license and be careful on free providers as a font may have been pirated.

Playing with stars clearer and NMS font style. Which could be bold too of course when small.