ETARC Hub - Vote for logo design!


It’s not the best but it’s a close 2nd best…much better than all the black and white stuff or the octagon one that’s for sure.


I like the CSD black and white portal one a lot but I would prefer it in color. Some great designs though!


They are all far better than anything I came up with…


Wow, some great designs. Personally I like the explorer one. It reminds me of the old Metropolis film for some reason.


Definitely the best one by far.


If i could vote for a logo with CSD ETARC from the 1st and the design/pic from the 2nd , i would.
Something like that but with better skill in image edition :blush:


Nobody has voted for this one yet.


You can right click, save image as, then open it in paint and go from there.


Realizes that MS Paint automatically comes with Windows


I didn’t vote for it either lol. :slight_smile:
I finished these variations today. inspired by @Mad-Hatter 's sketch.


I do like the motto in Morse. Just not on the logo. We should vote on that next. :smiley:

It says “A friend to all.”, I believe.

My favorite, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” -Walt Kelly (which might fit in with the ARG if some theories are correct.)


Ahhhhh… Pogo memories


I did the honest thing and just voted for the one I liked the most without looking at which was winning or reading the comments until after I voted.

I was surprised that I voted for the one that was in the lead. My tastes usually don’t align with the majority.


I mean there’s only two awesome ones…the one in the lead is the 2nd best but not a lot to choose from there.


Given a new much more finished version of the design I described has been created, I can’t help feel that this logo was custom designed for me.
So in a show of respect to acknowledge this I’m changing my vote.
Like I said previously I love them all but this one captures what I envisioned but couldn’t create.


It looks A LOT better than the version in the poll that’s for sure…far more presentable.


I have to agree. I really like this one as well. Have changed my vote.


I vote for the “final version” by chelofellow


Place your vote in the selection above near the early version if you want you vote to count.
There is already an understanding that the chosen one may be tweaked or swapped out for the better/newer version.
Same applies for the other contributions…


I really like this logo design as well. It’s attractive, includes both ETARC & Citizen Science Division, the star chain, portal, and glyphs. It also (a key) is legible down to 75px width. [I voted up above]