ETARC logo

Hey Emily,

I was wondering about the Etarc logo. I thought at first that you’d used the logo from the Edison township seal, but then I noticed that the Edison tower was different. I’m always interested in graphic design so was wondering what reasons you’d made changes for? :slight_smile:


I wish I knew! We’ve had that logo, or a variation, as long as I’ve been in Edison. It’s entirely possible that someone made a change to it from the official township seal on purpose, but I think it’s more likely a case of little tweaks adding up over time-- like a really long game of telephone, I guess.


It is amazing the little tweeks things can go through - look at handwriting and lettering for instance and how certain letters changed over time. These days so many companies are always trying to rebrand that logos change all the time. 25 Famous Company Logo Evolution Graphics for your inpsiration (a little click-baity but neat to see the differences)