ETARC (now Atlas CSD) was down. How did you feel?


Scared me at first, “where has ETARC gone?” But the error message said “redirect error” so I thought the site was finally updating. nope, just down. Glad to be back :grin:


I assumed it was my browser at first


It was the Russians!!! lol


A redirect to a “Temporarily Down” message would have been helpful.

I did have the passing thought that something may have been going on with the ARG. :grinning: …and also the thought that my IT dept. blocked me… so many thoughts going through my head and things I tried to bring the forums back up (in case the issue was on my end).


When I saw that ETARC was down, I assumed it was part of the ‘transformation to the CSD forum’, wish it was…


I actually had the same issue with ‘too many re-directs’ the day before, which I could fix. Not the day after when it happened again though … The forum was stuck in a loop, felt totally lost :confounded:


It was, actually.


I felt lost and lonely. Just being able to browse the chatter here made me feel another connection to the Sim I love so much. And bellyache at when it vexes me! :sweat_smile:

It feels great to be back, and I love the new theme.



The site was down due to an issue with CloudFlare. Sorry for that. The new skin will be up shortly. :slight_smile:


Excellent! Exciting news!!

Yeah, I was relegated to surfing Steam while we were down. Ugh…


It certainly did feel strange, but then was clear fairly quickly it was something happening at the forum end. It was good practice all-in-all I’d say, kept me on my toes, anyway much like NMS in a ‘…and all the world changed, the end. No! The beginning. GO!’ …kind of a way and here we are, back and I too LOVE the new theme :tada:


Looking at the icon change, that should be the Atlas CSD was down


@sheralmyst really cool new photo!


Well, that was before the change. :grin:


New skin and soon the url will be changed for (Automatic redirect) If there is any issues with the skin (light text on light background, etc…) please let me know in this thread:

Forums new design

Blue on grey in side menu is pretty hard to read on mobile.
Grey on pink/purple (link) is also a bit hard to read.
Would suggest white text like in typebox.
Otherwise I think it looks great.


Orange would work on links too. Make em really stand out since orange is high contrast

Forums new design

I completely understand. It was frustrating…

:man_technologist:t4: I Googled for answers of which I could not find. My eyes passed over Reddit posts of which I am quite uncomfortable to describe. Steam and YouTube were certainly no different. There was substance, but also unwelcomed distraction, unanswered questions and no genuine sense of ‘home’.

I looked out the window and saw the clouds from hurricane Irma. Thought of those affected. Pondered the power of a single drop of rain. Refreshed ETARC yet again. “Too many redirects”, it read. I then tried again n’ again, minutes n’ hours on end. So I kept editing webcode and writing other things. Suddenly an eerie wind blew in. Some branches fell. Copious showers began. I then grasped my warm cocoa and persisted.

Perhaps it was a colder and particularly quieter night, for me n’ @Starzia? :coffee:
Or maybe it was just frustrating because I was preparing a new thread with @Viconix. lol

:link: No Man’s Sky—v1.4 Screenshots, Art, Videos & Streaming

But I assumed ETARC was updating to CSD. So I anticipated awakening to this gift.

Crim: "Good morning ETARC. Where’s CSD?"
Dev: “Patience, my dear child. It’s under the pen.”

A single tear falls from a single eye. The oceans overflow.

:sweat_drops: …and the very next day, ETARC becomes Atlas CSD.
I love the logo, nice layout, color scheme and subtle refinements.


Exactly what I was thinking, too.—ORANGE!

:orange_heart: …in fact, it’s already in the logo.

Blue is the typical go to color for most links.
But we’re talking about a game that’s not typical.
No Man’s Sky is a color explosion :boom: !

:rainbow: ❝Taste the rainbow.❞ -yum

Forums new design

Skittles! :smiley: :smiley: