No Man’s Sky—v1.4 Screenshots, Art, Videos & Streaming

No Man’s Sky

Update v1.4 Screenshots, Art, Videos & Streaming

:notes: :movie_camera::crazy_face::camera_flash: :dragon:

Let’s show Hello Games our :love_you_gesture:t4::heart_eyes_cat::selfie: by saturating this thread with :video_game: excessive creativity :heavy_heart_exclamation:

:vulcan_salute:t4: Show no mercy… Artify your affection… Purge thy sanity :art:

@Crimsontine with wife @Starzia and brother @Viconix

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No Man’s Sky :diamonds: v1.4+ Proposition


Traveler’s Impossible Wishlist

“-kzzt- incoming transmissions -kzzt-”

3rd Person :small_airplane: Flight :sun_behind_rain_cloud: . . . 3D VR !!! . . . xbox ¿
:evergreen_tree: Denser Forests :palm_tree::deciduous_tree::cactus::ear_of_rice::owl:
Increasing variety unknown… And should we go on? :man_dancing:t3::dancer:t3: Let’s keep @Emily dreamin’! :sushing_face:

“Awesome!”—Hello Games @OldGods… What’d ya thank? :lollipop::blush::honey_pot:

What the sci-fi !!!—Ok something’s happening… As I’m writing, I uh… Well I…

“Crim’s vision of Atlas in the :grapes: grape vineyard.”

Suddenly my entire room is filled with something like whale songs. Streetlights explode !
Earthquake; Foundation cracks; Near drop into a misty riven. Laptop bursts open. -dust
Revolving illuminations of kaleidoscopic technicolor. “16 16 16” …says myriads of voices.

Dr. Crim leans forward just a smidge too far, collapsing into flickering screen. Cocoa everywhere. There is a “bloomp” n’ pixel splash. Smoldering shoes n’ socks left behind.

Dizzy, blurry senses -kzzt- indescribable pressure, and depths of hot rumbling, flurries of frozen floating particles n’ glowing phenomena -kzzt- rapid crumbling, calapsing, no escape, shrapnels implode a great Abyss, freezing updraft, eerie birdsongs, a massive moisened eye opens it’s pupil, and… Too much adrenaline; I think I will faint…

Top Secret; Confidential; Private Diary… Internal Memo…


“VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE”: 3D virtual reality, grappling hook, 3rd person flight and likewise avatars, denser forests and lusher jungles… A hunger meter requiring the traveller to seek food (Maybe sleep, too? A shovel &/or porta potty :face_with_hand_over_mouth: for easing nature? squatty potty? hmm, lol - ok, maybe not - let’s forget I wrote that - moving on)Massive creatures capable of destroying everything in path: The trees, landscape, etc. (A crushed starship needing repair; A squished traveller, death quote and regeneration :skull_and_crossbones:)… Also females (“Questions of Parents?”), visible hands, other tools, pets/livestock, deeper agriculture (tractors?), fleets of ground vehicles (s-class?), creature refinements, oceanic boats and submersibles (submarines?)Flowing creeks, rivers, streams and breathtaking waterfalls.

100% ocean planets :octopus: with serpents, mecha, tremendous flora, and more. Proper underwater bases. Multi sized ocean/land insects (micro/giant); Combo with slithering/beasts. Creatures on the ocean floor and spiders/etc. :spider: that walk on water. And what if :merperson:? And :city_sunrise::cityscape::city_sunset: of AI? And increased cave diversity? …Discover an ancient civilization deep within the planet’s crust :wink:! …a 5th race? 6th? or 7th?

Super massive bazaar trees with complex systems of interconnecting treehouses. Containing associated AI and tree dwelling creatures. (Did I mention grappling hook? :hushed:) Ability to actually see associated AI sitting in their starcraft, on ground and in flight. AI just a mosin’ about, tendin’ to everyday tasks, etc. AI driving exocraft, oceanic boats, submarines, etc. Did somebody say BMX and Harley Davidson? {checks date on wine}

And some planets with occasional &/or circumstantial ProcGen based…
:ocean: traumatically :zap: severe :tornado: weather :fire: and :volcano: other :boom: phenomena. :comet:

Customizable fullbody avatars with craftable/tradable aesthetics. Conditions right? Helmet off. (Special planet type; Visualize running with flowing blond hair.) Same with indoors.—And 1 pet or so, as a traveler companion, would be adorable. (Perhaps even helpful.)

Oh ya… And the :snake: land serpent. And well I uh, why not throw in :whale: space whales, lol. (At cloud level? a planet type? …outerspace?) Suddenly… -kzzet- an eerie nightfall -kzzt- approaching… inferno of heat -kezzt- …fire breathing :dragon:s. -kzzt- …narrow escape; scars -kzzt- earth shattering -kzzetzzt- …silence …there is sunshine, yet darkness (then night sky, yet illumination) …trembling, an uncomfortable quiet, splintering …lifting into distant atmosphere, the great sentience of crumbling rock… fingers burst up before me -kzztezzt- not loop1[-]… not…

…ahhh, yes …now back to our regularly scheduled program.

SM, what a lovely sandbox. :wine_glass::champagne:
:drooling_face: :sweat_drops:


Autumn leaves begin to fall. :fallen_leaf: Net n’ basket.
The traveller picks a piece fruit. :apple: “Crunch!”

Sailing ships on the horizon. Marshy rain gives to misty fog. Lighthouses n’ echoing bullhorns. A rainbow. Beads of water on leaves. Whirlpools. Giant bubbles in the ocean. Sounds of water in the boathouse. Floating cities in the sky. Planetary rings. A fire pit. And friends gather round.

Increasing multi-player interactions.

Fluffy creatures with flowing fur. Is that a fox tail approaching? :exploding_head: …Skunk confirmed!

Other ideas/replies? Don’t post them in this thread!

Post them here instead…

Wishes for Update 1.3, 1.4 and beyond

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@Polyphemus unearthed :whale2: story/lore conjuring up :dragon: thoughts of Space Whales :whale: and Fire Dragons…

Might our Hello Games eventually release :octopus: the Kraken or :squid: Cthulhu into No Man’s Sky?—Never know!

:droplet: Crim then catches 16 raindrops with his tongue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Spitfire blowtorching all the rest. Care to join? :fire:


Hey guys, there’s a novel brewing up! :open_book:


Let’s hold back from posting further until v1.4 releases. Thanks :rocket:


At least they get a nod with the new mission system, sometimes the clients are “Friends of the Space Whale” :slight_smile: It became such a big in joke during development I wouldn’t be surprised if thats all it will ever be,