MOD | No Man's Sky - Space Adventures Update 1.6

Hi everyone,
i am French and i ve been following the developpement of No Man’s Sky since pre release. Always supported HG before and after the release, being a devellopper myself, i know it must have been a lot to go through for a small team. I love the game, and had one of my best gaming moments with this game. This game inspires me a lot and i have a lot of suggestions for it. I did managed to released some of them as mods SPACE ADVENTURES - ATLAS RISES - DELETED at No Man's Sky Nexus - Mods and Community


If only I had good pc…

Also, I didn’t know how much I wanted new vehicles until I looked at those screenshots!


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Some very nice aesthetics there :+1:


No Man’s Sky has inspired so many people in such creative ways, not only in improving the graphics of the game but also the inventive ways people have implemented multiplayer!

This will take game developers to a new level of even more realistic worlds and game creating!
Very good!!


Very nice looking graphics… The gigantic worms are awesome!
I which we could have this as a procedural default creature In nms without having to add a mod!

And what about the flying metal jellyfish like… awesome!

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Some very nice ideas, beautiful grafics. Happy to be able to run it without a war machine as computer too :smiley: