NMS modding (Share your No Man's Sky mod)


Having tested the waters on the subject for some time, it’s unlikely (V/ARE developer kits pending) this could get to be a full-fledged forum category… But least a new thread where this type of No Man’s Sky-related creation can be showcased seemed to be missing.
Hear ye! Hear ye! If you need a place to share your mod, or one you specially like and feel it has to be shared for the enjoyment of other Scientist Citizens or interlopers in general; this be it!

As expected, all feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged! So don’t limit your posting to newly published modifications, although I would love to see a flow of new stuff made by you at the rhythm of a usual forum thread!


I’ll open it with my first incursion into post-Atlas Rises modding… It so happens that I deal in textures, as something achievable within my knowledge without having to bother “Einstein with my tax returns”, sort to speak… And not fully, since I’m still failing at updating my old mods to the new texture/files system. But this new thing works!!

Makes the multitools all gigery-biomechd’ while keeping the whole procedural shape and colouring intact…


I guess people that create mods, will definitly drop some new skins…
By the way, the first one is really nice!
For ps4 players we just have to stick to the vanilla version, being impossible to add mods… but at the end, I’m sure we will definitly get some new Bio multitools skins aswell!


My hat is off to the Modding Community for all the time and hard work they put into adding something wonderful to an already wonderful game. I do not yet have a completed mod. I am still learning the ins and outs of modding NMS.

The following screen shots showcase some of Kremit_de_Frog’s modding talent.

Pandora Mod - This is an unreleased mod but it really showcases just how much beauty and content modding brings to the game.







This is the same planet during the day. It also shows the purple tornado from Kremit_de_Frog’s Crash Site Finder mod.