No Man's Sky Modded - Space Adventures 1.6.8


Hi everyone,
very exited by the NEXT update annoncement, i added an E3 touch to our mods pack.
Here’s the new trailer that I ve just finish editing.


Are you “Space Pirate TV”?


So you haven’t been able to wait for the update :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t see change logs on Nexus so what’s new in the pack ? Did you fix the size of certain ships, the big smoke ?

Oh, and compatible with bigger creature icon ? :wink:


Hey! Didnt had time to update the change log yet. But yes, all you asked is fixed :slight_smile: i ve also udpated the HUD mod to be compatible with Big creatures icon aside further improvements and fixes.

Change log:

Alien Worlds 1.65 : Big crystals / Statue Biomes spawn fixes
Fantastic Beast 1.3 : Improve the spawn ( fix the crowed planet bug ( currently, crowed triceratops planet exists but it is intentionnal) more variety, flying snake altitude fix, Birds size adjusted )
Hauler alternate ships removed from default pack ( planning to redo it from scracth following Beau Lamb concept arts)
Alternate spaceships 4.4 : Fighters thrusters back to normal sizes, omega ships wings resized to match HG art.
E3 Backgrounds Nostalgy : replaces the game menus and splash screens
Compatibility fix for the HUD mod with mods that changes creatures icons. ( suggested cool mod Bigger Creature Icons (still compatible with Atlas Rises))

JJ’s STATION’s ventilation v1.2 ( More alive space station )
JJ’s FLOODLIGHTS ( Improves Trading post lighting)
JJ’s No Seizure Scanner
Big smoke removed from civilisation mod


Ah ah, you don’t want to play without now hu ? :wink:

I’ll try the new features and fix this evening. Once again, big thanks for this pack. I don’t know if i’d be able to play NMS without Civilization ie.


For a day at least :wink:


So are any of the mods working with NEXT yet? I’m not a huge modder, but extending the cargo capacity and a few slots to the Multitool have been lifesavers. And now that the universe is even MORE survival intensive - ugh - it would be nice to know.


I am using the NEXT version 1.5.3 of The NMS Save Editor and am able to increase cargo capacity and slots to all inventories.


We have a new topic for modding in NEXT, as most mods will require updating. For that reason this topic has been archived. Do however feel free to continue discussion over in the below topic or start a new topic if you wish to showcase your own mod for NEXT.