Space Adventures Overhaul final version :)

Hi explorers !

I am really excited about the N.E.X.T. update ! I am boosted and i wanted to reach Space Adventures mod to his final version, since the mod will be broken the 24th July and i am planning to start from scratch a new one dedicated to NEXT.
I am really happy with this version and i am concidering as the final version of the mod.

Hope you ll try it out. Time is short now :slight_smile: Its fully compatible with vanilla, you can switch to vanilla or try particular mods in the pack without any issue.


I’ll that tomorow. And sooooo hasty to see what you’ll do with NEXT :smiley: And congratulation for all your work, as i said in another topic i couln’t play without Civilzation (mainly, the biomes are great too :wink: )