RaYRoD Immersion Update (It's out!)

Pretty flipping amazing!!! I love vanilla NMS and I’ve tried his earlier versions with mixed feelings but in a short amount of time with his brand new Immersion update, I’m absolutely amazed at what he’s pulled off.


A 2.4GB mod just before a NMS huge update ? RaYRoD will have many work this summer.


He’s a beast!

I bet he will have it updated and ready for Next in record time, right before getting into tweaking that source of new content!

I’ve been testing the beta for the last weeks and it’s an Atlas Rises level of improvement to the game!
Glad to boast about having helped testing and contributed with some texture-work and the Rick and Morty ship, there…
I can’t recomment enough that you all PC players give it a test!

Just look at the whole new generation system, and how the new space-to-planet transitions work! As above, so below… The added variation and assets, new biomes… better landscape generation, Menacing Sentinels… Physical clouds and dynamic oceans… Destructible terrain for your weapons… all with better stability and framerate! I could go on and on. This thing it’s packed with improvements to the immersion of NMS!


The first time I came over this hill and I saw this amazing green lake with towering pinnacles in the mist and as I drew a little closer, I realized the lake had swells. As I walked closer to the beach, I realized the water was splashing up on the sides and then retreating. I was like, ‘how did he do that?’ Great job to all that worked on that mod!!! I’m an explorer so I can’t wait to check out some more crazy, new planets/biomes!


Downloading at as we speak!


He’s got an update out already. Mine seems more stable already. It crashed quite a few times on day 1. Not so much tonight! Enjoying it so much not really thinking about July 24th anymore lol!


Huh… I guess it doesn’t come with a survival mode. A pitty, would have loved to try it.

Hm? It does not alter the available game-modes… You can play Permadeath if that’s what rocks your boat… Personally, I play Normal, custom-hacked to selective-creative haxxor-level.

You can select whatever mode, but there’s not much point in survival mode with resources lying around everywhere, unlimited jetpack fuel and as far as I can tell heavily reduced falling damage. And those were only the things I noticed during the 10 minutes I played it…

Those are valid grudges… Expect it to be addressed and patched soon. The thing with resources, though… It’s not as homogenous as vanilla. You can find a planet completely made out of plutonium, or one where it’s really scarce (maybe none?), but I’ll pass along your feedback, in case he’s not aware of the Survival inbalance.


Thanks for posting that Live gameplay @Virakotxa! I’m def gonna check this out!

One stupid question: what’s the stamp in your video in the bottom right corner?
It says “Objective Searching for my ship…” ?

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I only play in Creative mode anymore. That’s where NMS shines and RaYRoD’s mod makes it even more incredible. For some, that’s boring lol, not for me!

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I try to remind myself of my current objective… Finding my ship: The Rick & Morty saucer that I textured, half-modeled and which got integrated by monkeyman and Krmit… and had never got a chance to check in-game since… 1.2 tests? And it’s now part of RaYRod’s Immersion Overhaul, as a spawnable-for-cash ship… So I need a new objective. :shushing_face:


Hey, so apparently the grudges were not at all valid… See, there is no “Infinite Jetpack” on Immersion. That thing you tried for ten minutes, had to be the old v10 Overhaul mod… And with the optional “Theta Upgrades”, at that.
I’m free-flying on my footage, but that’s just because I use additional hacks…
Well, that was a cool mod… But this version (Making clear it is still a work in progress) blows that out of park by a long stretch. You should try the new Sentinel combat AI.

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I downloaded the file from nexus mods from the link above. It says immersion update. I just checked, and I’m still getting the same file (Immersion Update 1.1, though it says something about Unstable Test Build-497 in the filename. But it’s the only file I’m getting).

If you have a link to another version, I’ll be interested to hear it.

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That’s the one. I’ll take your word for it… But seriously, there is no infinite jetpack !¡?
Do you have additional mods installed? Maybe you have all the upgrades? A new save on a clean install might give you a more balanced perspective…
A newer version will be out, shortly, for all.
It’s a work in progress, and there might be some hiccups, as even the unmodified game has those… But the input I’m getting it’s a jump in content and quality compared to 1.3 equal as to day we got that treat.

Isn’t it amazing work? Dude’s passion really shines through that mod. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t sleep. Always updating and tweaking his art. Total craftsman.

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That’s pretty weird, as I could pretty much just lift off into space with my Jetpack. The gauge didn’t even show up.
I didn’t have additional mods (the only mod I’m using is the one to fix the tech rewards of missions, but I kicked that out to test the overhaul). I did disable some of the modular parts I didn’t want however.

I generally like starting new games, but so shortly before next it’s not going to happen. I’ll be restarting then in any case :smile:

I’m well aware that the vision of a modder oftentimes diverges with your own, and that sometimes you just don’t like their mods no matter how good they are. Even if you’d really like some other parts. So I’m not really complaining about anything. If it lowers the difficulty, it’s just not the right mod for me. For my taste the game is already too easy as it is…

Totally… it’s just that there were some issues mixed there that beyond personal taste, could need troubleshooting. If you could PM me a screenshot of your mods and PCBANKS folders we could clear it out…