AR-Showcase - Your Mod Load!

Big fan of good’old scientific work on the values of the simulation… As an old Korbax friend once told me, the value was right there, ready to be changed!

My own dabbing in the dark arts of Mod creation were done so standing in the shoulders of titans, like monkeyman192, who works tirelessly to keep the tools that make it possible updated and expanded…

So, as expected, Atlas Rises broke many, if not most, of previously working ones. (Things that don’t require code, like a texture replacer get more of a chance) So to avoid any conflict, all were set aside, and for some time it was all about the original unchanged vanilla experience for me… With all respect for the wonderfully crafted vision, I couldn’t wait for the round of experiments to begin!

Being completely code-blind, myself (I’d be writing worlds instead of posts if were my inclinations less artistic and more inclined to numbers) my main tools to bend Atlas to its knees… *ahemm… I mean, to better blend with the Convergence, are this two sites:
NoManSkyMods and NMS Nexus, the latter requiring a free registration to even browse, but both need for download… A needed requirement to keep count, if only spam were not a thing. Any other I might not be aware of, please share… Well, there is also the “official” Steam Workshop to share bases, but as of now, sharing mods through that platform is not “yet, I hope” enabled.

I recommend using the last updated filter to browse on both sites, since old stuff gets updated by the hour, but can get hidden below dozens of useless ones, if listed by (original) creation date.

So, not wanting to mess with certain things, still… Keeping that for a couple hundred hours later, it would seem, at this pace… there were many things that I already considered a better suit to my taste in pan-galactic trans-dimensional reality-simulation…

Here’s a list… And a short explanation on why that choice:
Lush Grass Distance.

Grass all the way to a decent far 2000 clics… If your rig is a beast, can handle it, or you can spare some frames, if not.


Your Creative experience on any mode, comes in many flavors… I go with “All a 100% to 0”

Clean UI

I appreciate the artistic choice, and while it look great on screenshots, I decided getting an upgrade to my visor sensors made sense after a while…

Glowing Crystals

Because, why not!?

Easier Creature Discoveries

Makes Air and Water creatures to spawn further and in slighly greater numbers.

Space Dream

Ringed planets, double stars, black background… Better looking planets with clouds that rotate… All merely cosmetic, in a really meaningful way.

Portal Translator


Makes the ship you like, the best (with degrees) that it can be…

Please do share any insight or personal choices!


Well your PC is a damn fine powerhouse of a beauty @Virakotxa, I think just having two or three cosmetic mods nearly bricked my PC haha, runs super fine at 60fps on vanilla with maybe the odd mod (crescent planets, giant constructs) but wow, those are some beautiful mods good sir.

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Well, I just had to add two more…
Tides and Waves for Atlas Rises

together with those nice reflective textures for water…
True Water for Atlas Rises


I’m sorely tempted to grab the C.S.S. mod right now, because the ships I’ve encountered since 1.24 have had miserable capacities and stats. Particularly Freighters, which have bounced around 16 - 17 slots forever. No reason to buy one when mine has 41.

But what I might grab this second is the Space Dreams mod. I was in a system a few months ago which didn’t have the wildly colorful sky engulfing nebula blotting out space. It was actually BLACK with some wafts of nebula dust here and there to add a splash of color. It was breathtaking, being able to see the stars against inky blackness, and direct sunlight illuminating the Freighters! I can’t remember if it made Freighters harder to spot or not, but the scanner would illuminate them if I needed a hand with that.

Memo to HG: you guys really need to look at my wishlist post. I don’t think the ship suggestions are too generous at all, and would make mods like C.S.S. less appealing. And nearly every single star system stuck in the middle of some neon colored nebula? Please thin them out. Consider reshaping space to resemble the Space Dreams mod. Having a light spotty cirro-stratus of nebula would be so much better, and making it slightly thicker towards the center of each system’s nebula would add to the realism. Amazingly, I miss the view of real space.


So things keep rolling out! Had to make some new inclusions in my mod list…
First, this thing has helped me with broken quest-lines… unlock-able slots and to generally make my game more pleasing to enjoy whenever I see fit. The power of this tool is incredible! I really don’t like grinding… But I don’t like to be immortal either, so this is for either fixing broken/unfair stuff or to feel Creative within the confines of Normal/Permadeath.



I know I’m not the only one thinking that farming is a bit pointless as is… I appreciate the balancing effort, but… Well, no, let’s be sincere… 4 hours of ingame to grow Solar vine or Echinocactus (what a redundant name, btw!) is a bit overkill… You still have to “water” the pot, but the wait gets tolerable with this.

Now for some quality of life improvements anybody can enjoy… Tempted to call them even bug-fixes! (to a degree, they really are)

Freighter Landing Range Decreased

Because who likes feeling that you approached the Death-Star’s tractor-beam half the times you come out of your freighter just because you tilted slightly?

Atlas Pass Lv1 Chests changed to Atlas Pass Lv3

So you can get rid of the outdated pass as you get to LV3, and free a precious cargo slot.

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Ok, this thing is a masterpiece… Behold: RaYRoD’s 3rd PERSON KEY!!! Just wow! Flying low with this thing is just… gorgeous! It takes a .pak on the mods folder and an .exe you need to run before, or while you play… Than hit 1, 2 keys… bang in, out…
And taking off and landing with this thing riding an exotic ship…? Total nerdgasm…

and *edit, to my second entry…
[CAPITALISM MOD]Broken on last hot-fix… I’ll re-share it if it becomes updated again…

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