New update this week



Very cool, portals and lore.


Yay update this week!! Can’t wait!! When do ya reckon it will be?

Im thinking midnight UK time. Maybe even today…


Atlas Rises!

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250k users, that puts some perspective on the 10k atlas passes… : |
Then again, hopefully they’re not all on the mailing list and submitted their info. :slight_smile:


I assume you found that info in the original post eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I might have accidentally sped red and missed a few things…:sweat_smile:

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So who is gonna be checking for patch notes like crazy?!! :laughing:

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*reloads No Mans Sky website every 30 sec


I cant wait for the trailer. The patch trailers for NMS are pretty cool.


And I have to be gone all day tomorrow… prolly just as well cause I would just be like is it there yet…is it there yet? All day


So, with “this week” you mean tomorrow, right? RIGHT, SEAN??

(It’s fine I’ll wait. :p)

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I’m so excited. I pre-ordered this game followed the ARG and just ugh I’m so happy (: never lost hope.


Super excited! Can’t wait to play!

awesome, didn’t the last patch launch on a friday? could totally dig a weekend in space.

It would be an awesome anniversary gift if they did it on the 9th. Also, i don’t want to wait much longer hahaha

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If it does drop this weekend - friday - at least I’ll have a few days to work on turning my fortune into gear. Hopefully a 48 slot freighter (or more!) and a snazzy S Class fighter with some nice cargo space. And knowing my luck, it will be easier to accomplish after the Update. :yum:

Also hoping on a release tomorrow. Say, midnight?

One more note. The Lore in The Sim has been fascinating, but in practice it’s been mostly a sprinkling of fairy dust which had little to do with the reality. I’m looking forward to our virtual universe seriously coming to life in the coming year(s).

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Super duper hyped!

I do believe there will be more than just the story mode and the portal teleportations. Ayone has any ideas?