New Message From Hello Games! Final Chance to submit your favorite planets!

This is more or less the same message we got at the end of the ARG stream on the 20th, but this is also a final call to submit entries about your favorite Atlas Rises planets as the survey for it will close when NEXT launches tomorrow(July 24th 2018).

Link to submit info about your favorite planets in the Euclid Galaxy in the 1.3(Atlas Rises) update:


50,000 people have played over 1000 hours of the million people that played Atlas Rises when the patch launched. That’s crazy :open_mouth:

The surveys for Atlas Rises will stay open until the launch of NEXT, so there is still an opportunity to contribute to the archive!

This is great news, I did not know this :slight_smile:


Do we know launch time???midnight!!!

The new No Man’s Sky free expansion has been given a July 24 release date on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Xbox One version of the game is going live on the same day, meaning Microsoft console owners will have a new update waiting for them.

According to the tech giant, No Man’s Sky will be available to play on Xbox One in the UK at 2PM.

This should mean that the new Next DLC will be available at that point too.

For those in the United States, No Man’s Sky will be available to play on Xbox One at around 6AM/06:00 PST.


Whatever the east coast fancies it wants the damn time to be this time of year the update releases at 9am their bloody time ffs.

yup, ffs indeed, Ignorance for the win.

Look man…whatever the hell you want to call eastern time, it’s 9am tomorrow because it’s the same time globally vs the time shifts of all the less schitzophrenic time-zones. That and nobody is talking about flipping March or November!!

ok man… lol, so what time is it in NY right now, including the time zone?

Right now it is 6:15pm in New York.


Whichever the f**k they prefer to call it…look I’m going to break this dummy style for you, the update releases in 14 hours and 43 minutes regardless of where you are in the world.

That makes sense. To say that it releases at 9AM EST is wrong.

If you want to avoid the different names for the same time zone madness you can google “New York time now” and get the correct time regardless.

Due to the world-wide time differences and variations it would make sense when discussing these things regarding a time if it was referred to here on the forum in a countdown such as…

14 hours and 43 minutes from now.

This combined with the time stamp beside a post will make it easier for anyone viewing the post to quickly deduce in their head how long they need to wait.


You can also simply google “eastern time now” as well…avoids the whole mess entirely, gives the correct time for the east coast which can be cross referenced with one’s own time zone and time remaining until 9am eastern time to get remaining time.

The point, which is clearly lost, is that the 9AM EST time that was posted, doesn’t make sense because nobody is using EST time right now. If the poor saps in NY show up at 9AM tomorrow to download, they’ll need to wait another hour. It’s true that we can all figure it out, but then why post individual time zones in the first place if they’re not right?

I don’t think anyone there thinks much of PST vs PDT…especially since we live in the age of self adjusting clocks and alarms…I can’t remember the last time I had to remember to manually change a clock for time change…it’s been over 10 years for me now.

Are we all calmed down now? I agree. The time listings are all messed up. Everyone just focus on the GMT/UTC and google the time for your area. I am not even sure what CEST time is…??? Guess I will google it and find out. :face_with_monocle:


I’m just bitter because I won’t be able to play till probably Friday… ugh.

On Topic, I submitted my planet in the ETARC hub earlier today, about to see if it ever showed up.

UPDATE: Not yet, it knows the coordinates though.



I submitted my planet shortly after the survey went up but it’s not in the atlas. Is there something I’m missing?