No Man's Sky Next Update may drop AFTER GDC, by April Fool's Day


Hello! I posted a video on YT explaining why I think the No Man’s Sky update will be right around GDC 2018 (Late March/April Fool’s Day). Hello Games dropped the Pathfinder update the same week after they presented at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2017. I think HG will present and talk about some new additional inventions they’ve created for procedural generation and then drop the new update for us before we can dissect every little word that they present.

For me, the May 1st theory of when HG will drop the update is way too far away… I linked a video better explaining my theory. Thanks a lot for watching and reading this post!


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You may very well be right with your estimate for the update dropping shortly after GDC. If the Waking Titan ARG is going to continue as a prelude to this next update, it should kick off any moment now. :wink:

Will have to see, but I can imagine it taking even longer as development cycles are not usually tied to conferences.


True, the update could just take literrally forever if HG decided too… but man, a May update would really take too long for me to see that as a viable option. Hopefully at the GDC 2018 HG will talk about some cool new stuff though that will be implemented sooner rather than MUCH later!


That would make sense! If that’s true, then I need to get back into full grind. I only just completed the Artemis storyline.


Let’s hope for it, I really want to know how the story is going to evolve !
If the next update bring us as much improvements as The Altlas Rises Update, (directly to 1.5) I feel that we will be very happy again!!

I put a bill on the Arg taking of this week-end again!



Me, too! <3

Funny, but I really don’t want the whole thing to erupt like last time. All I really want is some bug/performance fixes and more of the story, not a whole new game. >.>


I just want it to come soon. I had just deconstructed my old, large base, to move it to another world, when Atlas Rising restarted. Now I’m in limbo - I’m afraid that the planets will change again, and the beautiful water world I’ve selected will become a radioactive desert, which is what happened last time.


I honestly just want new story content


Lol sounds great man! Im juaut hooplah hoping we get the update to drop this month!


Lol well awesome!!! That would be cool too lol i didnt even consider yhe ARG​:gem::gem::gem::gem::gem:


I would rather have more varieties and things to find. The story will keep me for a few days focused on the game. The variety increase would keep me on NMS for perhaps years.

(Of course, I am looking forward to anything they add to the game. :whale2:)


Has there been any word that Hello Games will be presenting at GDC this year?


20th March "Hello Games’ Innes McKendrick will discuss why and how they changed the systems of No Man’s Sky after launch. "

Full speaker listing here:


I agree. Variation additions will keep me hooked dor another 500 hours!


True! The last update was a real heavy one. Everything changed, especially the dog fights, which are much more harder now. I enjoy improvements, but I hope HG will this time advantage the Lore over the visual aspects of the game! Or both ! :fire: