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This topic is for discussion of No Man’s Sky modifications compatible with Waypoint.

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MBINCompiler has updated v4.0.0-pre1 :link:

Initial release for v4!!!
This should hopefully be fully functional for the initial release as well as the first experimental (9675793) build.
As always, .net 5 x64 Desktop Runtime is required.
This is a manual release for now since the git repo is a bit of a mess (I procrastinated fixing it up).

monkeyman192: Now I sleep

MBINCompiler has updated v4.0.0-pre2 :link:

2nd release for 4.0
This doesn’t fix too many things. Main thing is removing a logging statement I forgot to remove due to tiredness :sweat_smile:
Also fixed an enum and an alignment issue.
You will notice that many enums associated with arrays have disappeared. This is because quite a few were just guessed by us, and weren’t actually in the exe. Because this release is 99% automatically generated, we lose this information.


NMSSaveEditor has updated version 1.11.0 :link:

9 October 2022

  • Updated name mappings and items for NMS 4.03 (Waypoint).
  • Updated inventory structures for Waypoint saves.
  • Removed change stack sizes button (test mode).
  • Implemented numerous fixes for new save format.


I have just released a new version, 1.11.0 which should make the editor work on NMS 4.0 saves now.

However, since this is a very complicated save format change, I suggest you back up ALL of your saves before using this.

EDIT: For those who are wondering, I have changed the editor to ignore the manifest file for now, and changes to the save file appear to work fine without touching it. This is only a temporary measure hopefully.


NMSSaveEditor has updated version 1.11.1 :link:

9 October 2022

  • Added Relaxed and Custom game modes.

I have added Relaxed and Custom game modes to the editor now, so some of the common errors should now be resolved.


MBINCompiler has updated v4.03.0-pre1 :link:

MBINCompiler is updated for latest experimental


NMSSaveEditor has updated version 1.11.2 :link:

10 October 2022

  • Increased technology inventory sizes for Suit/Ship/Freighter to 10x6.
  • Added fix for corrupted account data files.
  • Implemented more fixes for save format including metadata.

MBINCompiler has updated v4.03.0-pre2 :link:

This fixes an issue where geometry files were not decompiling correctly as well as brings the compiler upt to speed for the latest experimental


MBINCompiler has updated v4.03.0-pre3 :link:

Corrected: Fields length >50 not showing full name
Added: [Flags] references
Updated to Steam 9717058


MBINCompiler has updated v4.03.0-pre4 :link:

Updated to Steam 9725137


MBINCompiler has updated v4.04.0-pre1 :link:

Update for experimental 9785828


MBINCompiler has updated v4.04.0-pre2 :link:

Update for release 9748454 (95272)

Works for latest experimental and has the new version strings (so no longer confusing!!)
Enjoy! :smile:


MBINCompiler has updated v4.04.0-pre3 :link:

Update for release 9763858-95450


Space Pira†e :skull_and_crossbones: Redmas Mods - Discord: October 11, 2022

Just a heads up on my plans :

  • My main focus is to finish the new version of my game overhaul which is the same thing but 100% lua with new features and some enhancements as well.
  • I did quick patches for the current online versions of my mods.
  • I will update all my mods at the same time when the Game overhau 100% lua is ready ( since i want to use one script for all of my mods )
  • And release more individual mods ( since i did new ones for the new overhaul ( Redmas spaceships generations 2 - Redmas space overhaul - Redmas combat revision etc… )
  • The current online versions are temporary versions, but should be working for 4.0 +
    ( if it’s not the case let me know, and i ll do more patching )
    ( Full lua version is 90% done )

Too bad I can’t get this on Switch. Would be perfect. Nothing more lonely than the current Anomaly with no actual players in it…


Thats kinda funny.
I usually play solo but weekend missions sometimes refuse to start unless I turn on multiplayer…and then, to me, the Anomoly feels crowded.


NomNom has updated :link:

New version is finally officially released!

Lots of new features and improvements you can check out here A few small things haven’t made it into this release but will return eventually.
It’s already updated for Waypoint 4.05 (supercharged slots) and supports Nintendo Switch saves!

Additionally we will start now to create a detailed user guide/wiki at to cover all the things in NomNom. Keep an eye on it!

With this release I have turned everything upside-down, and you’ll find improvements, fixes, and even some new features in every corner. Have a look at the following list for an overview of the most important parts or the full changelog at the end.

But to get this ready for the Switch/4.0 release I had to speed it up and postpone some stuff to a later release. Stay tuned for the remaining stuff and new exiting things as well!

IMPORTANT: From this release on NomNom uses the new .NET 6! To continue using it, you need to install its Desktop Runtime.

For my fellow developers I outsourced some parts into separate class libraries that can be found here: libNOM.collect,, and

Notable changes in this release:

  • Multi-language support
  • MBINCompiler mapping.json including automatic (and manual) updates
  • Automatic detection of platforms in the default locations and now also additional custom locations
  • Built-in backup recovery
  • Tree view for the JSON editor including a search
  • Images!
  • Collection management (Outfits, Starships, etc.), pre-filled with starters, pre-order, expedition, and Twitch rewards
  • Mod support! Customize the look and feel/behavior according to the mods you use. See here for more information
  • Squadrons added
  • Use the Customizer by Mjstral directly within NomNom
  • And much more!

Full changelog here.


MBINCompiler has updated v4.05.0-pre1

Update for release 9849486 - 95751


MBINCompiler has updated v4.05.0-pre2 :link:

Update for releases 9857042 - 95825 / 9863907 - 95891