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NMS SAVE EDITOR (goatfungus)

A new version has just been released:

Change Log

1.6.0 - First release for BEYOND

  • Updated items database for No Man’s Sky 2.0 (BEYOND).
  • Increased default stack size for substances in creative/normal saves.

NOTE: Please be aware that some of the functionality in the editor may not be working after a major game update. It will take time to fix these, so I would appreciate your patience.

Hi All,

I have just uploaded a new version of the editor for the NMS 2.0 (BEYOND) update. I know a lot of you have been screaming out for it already, so I’ve fast-tracked a new version for you all to rip into. Please note the comment in the changelog above.

Over the next few days/weeks, I will be looking to make improvements to try and fix stuff that has changed in the game since the previous version (VISIONS), so if you find anything glaring, please feel free to raise an issue on GitHub.




When I initially attempted making a fun racetrack, I gave up due to the huge amount of work required by manually editing my save file. I recently gave it another try and because I had learned a lot about the format and data, I finally managed to pull it off. Sometimes I even had to code something quick to do some calculations for me. In the end is was still quite a lot of work, but the result was certainly satisfying.

Of course after I had finished my racetrack base, I discovered the below NMS plugin for Blender (thanks @dersvr). I had gained a lot of experience with editing my save manually, especially useful when trying to build something not possible through in-game means. Now I can basically forget all that, because this tool is amazing:

Latest releases can be found directly on GitHub below:

No wonder I now see bases that were obviously not made just by glitch building. Unless you are a fool like I have been, doing it all manually, this tool takes base building to a whole other dimension.

Edited to include GitHub and Nexus links


This is amazing stuff. I think I know where I’m doing all my future base builds in PC with. Although I do like the feeling of having built things with the resources I’ve personally gathered, I will definitely have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!


Huh… I could swear there was a time when Nexus mods allowed sorting by category (like “graphics” ,“mechanics”, “UI” aso). Was that removed, am I blind, or do I remember incorrectly?


I love playing NMS the legit way, but I also love to create awesome bases, usually in creative mode. I actually still prefer to mostly use in-game mechanics and tricks to accomplish what I want. Sometimes the game just doesn’t want to work with me, running out of tricks. This is where I sometimes cheat, trying to keep it to a minimum.

The racetrack is where I really didn’t care about cheating, just to see what is possible. Now with handy tools like the one posted above, I may honestly be tempted to go all out. I would no longer be playing the game though, just seeing the result. Still awesome, but not an honest representation of the game, just the result of what could be…

A bit of a duality for me, something truly cool but easily done, or an honest accomplishment. Not quite sure yet, but I do know I am more proud of my legit builds, than I am of the cheated ones.


Refine your search, there is a blue drop-down to the right:


I wondered how you did that racetrack so well, I thought it was a painful glitching process, sounds like you chose the better alternative approach but it still sounds painful working in numbers instead of visual aids :joy:

Actually having real problem with base building in no mans sky now in regular playthrough on console. Half fences and half walls and half arches will not place on to full walls or full arches or full fences. But sometimes you can get it to work by deleting the full and placing the half and then putting the full back, or vice versa, or sometimes just not. It makes no sense :joy: I have a feelin it’s got something to do with that little issue of sometimes things being off by a mm when they click and then the next item is like, I can’t go here because there’s something filling a millimetre of the area you want me to go, friend.

Either way, been having a lot of fun building with the new features and resize ability, I couldn’t go near bases in VR. My friend started playing again and I still had portal coords to his system from two years ago so I have landed in his system and started building surprises for him :smiley:


Doing all that glitching manually is exhausting. There is also a constant danger of deleting the wrong thing.
Good to know about this mod. :+1:


Base Building for Blender.

I’ve limped along installing the apps. With Blender now at 2.81, a new video for setting up Blender would be helpful.



It was indeed painful and time consuming. It is basically all vector math, not all that easy if not familiar with how that works. Not being able to right away see the result, doesn’t help either. A lot of restarts and going back/forth between game/tools/editor. The sheer amount of copied data into notes, says it all …

It does indeed not make any sense at times. Although I enjoy finding workarounds, we shouldn’t have to. I honestly hope HG is planning on finally solving some of these long time issues.

Oh yes, I am happy to see they turned this into a feature. The data has always been present (position and some vectors), so it didn’t really amaze me to see it added.




The effect itself is likely produced by a shader, which in turn is likely used in many other places. I would think, you’d have to figure out where the trigger is for those ‘objects’ you wish to disable it on. A good place to start searching would be the various ‘globals’ in the root folder.

On a side note, is this an effect that is VR specific? I don’t see any change when getting close. In case of creatures I only see the interaction popping up.

I found the following in GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS:

  <Property name="PassiveScanEffect" value="GcScanEffectData.xml">
    <Property name="Id" value="" />
    <Property name="ScanEffectType" value="Creature" />
    <Property name="Colour" value="Colour.xml">
      <Property name="R" value="1" />
      <Property name="G" value="1" />
      <Property name="B" value="1" />
      <Property name="A" value="0.7" />
    <Property name="BasecolourIntensity" value="0.1" />
    <Property name="ScanlinesSeparation" value="0.5" />
    <Property name="FresnelIntensity" value="3" />
    <Property name="GlowIntensity" value="0" />
    <Property name="WaveOffset" value="0" />
    <Property name="WaveActive" value="True" />
    <Property name="FixedUpAxis" value="False" />
    <Property name="Transparent" value="False" />
    <Property name="ModelFade" value="False" />
    <Property name="FadeInTime" value="0.5" />
    <Property name="FadeOutTime" value="0.5" />

I found it a possible candidate for creatures at least, but could see no difference myself, as I do not have VR. I had changed the alpha value (A) to 0 for the colour assigned.

There may be possible other candidates you could try, especially the ‘globals’. Would be a starting point for me anyways. Maybe there is a range/distance defined somewhere for triggering the ‘focus’.

You could always seek help on the main NMS Discord (modding room) or the NMS Modding Discord.


Thanks, that looks like a good place to start (again).

I think it’s more noticeable in VR, it’s a white scanline-type of highlight all around the creature and other objects when close. It does appear in normal mode as well, but it is a lot more subtle.

I’ll have another go this evening.


Terrain Edits cramping your style?

@DevilinPixy has a rather thorough write up on it from last year and it’s still pertinent .

ihleslie on Steam (@ianh here) has continued work on his program to remove terrain edits. The process is planet wide in its effects. Requires use of the No Man’s Sky Save Editor and his program.

Poofer on Steam has a guide which just utilizes the No Man’s Sky Save Editor but is a bit more complex.

I’m terrible with the use of the Terrain Manipulator. I used @ianh 's method to clean up all of my old terrain edits with the exception of my old bases. When I recently moved (copy/delete) my current base it left a large footprint in the old site and this fixed it.


also, ya need to make sure battletech is in your personal list. On your picture second from the left is mods.
Click that it will list how to sort the modes.
Category is one of them.
Top endorse of all time .


Figured it would be useful to actually post the link to @ianh’s tool. He has done some great work by creating a tool for everyone to use, based on the research I had done:

BTE Recovery :link:
(Galactic Address based Terrain Edit removal tool)


Make sure to check the readme for latest changes and read the instructions carefully.
If you find any issues with the tool, please contact @ianh


RayRod’s Dynamic Space is released. It comes with Galactic Map Overhaul (Dense, Spiral and Spiral Black)
Planets (Scaled Planets)
Dynamic Space (Vibrant, Black, Black Stylish Blue and Natural)
Available on Nexus Mods




A fool? Hahah! No way! I also remember you getting a lot of satisfaction from doing it manually and you have all my admiration for not only attempting it, but achieving it.
<3 :heart: <3


Looking at this, I think HG should make an empyrion-esque prefab system. Something that allows you to import and place complex constructions with one click, but still requires all the resources you’d use to build it piece by piece, so it’s not cheating. With blender support to export such prefabs, people would go bloody bonkers, and it would all be sharable in multiplayer since it’s just templated data that gets converted to a perfectly normal base.

I think with a system like that in-game, we’d have cities in NMS pretty quickly…