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This topic is for discussion of No Man’s Sky modifications compatible with Origins.

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Below I will list a few of my most used mods/tools.
Keep in mind that most mods/tools do rely on the MBINCompiler to be up-to-date!

Modding Station


Save Editor

Blender plugin for NMS bases

NMSDK Blender plugin for scene import/export


MBINCompiler has updated v3.02.0-pre-1 :link:


This has all the globals working.
One known issue is the creature role description tables (ie. files in \METADATA\SIMULATION\ECOSYSTEM\ROLEDESCRIPTIONTABLES). For some reason the exe has updated the class definitions, however the files for the game seem to still be the old version. Not entirely sure what is going on but this issue is known (maybe it’s a bug on HG’s part??)


NMS Save Editor was updated


1.7.1 - Update (28 September 2020)

  • Added missing technologies that apply to all ships/vehicles.
  • Fixed issue where vehicles tab was no longer accessible on some saves.

Blender plugin - NMS Base Builder was updated


release 1.3.0

  • Fixed some Blender error messages when interacting with non-NMS scene items.
  • Missing/Modded parts will be named their ID instead of “cube”.
  • New models for C_ROOF, M_ROOF
  • Added support for the following models …
    • Freighter
      • ABAND_BARREL - Industrial Barrel
      • ABAND_BENCH - Industrial Bench
      • ABAND_CASE - Secure Briefcase
      • ABAND_CRATE_L - Storage Unit
      • ABAND_CRATE_M - Salvage Crate
      • ABAND_CRATE_XL - Large Storage
      • ABAND_SHELF - Heavy-Duty Furniture
      • FOORLIGHT - Emergency Light
      • FOOTLOCKER - Crew Footlocker
      • HEATER - Emergency Heater
      • LOCKER2 - Crew Locker
      • MEDTUBE - Sample Container
      • PALLET - Industrial Pallet
      • PLANTTUBE - Floral Cannister

For links to the above, see top post. (figured that would be easier)

No Man’s Sky Odyssey Origins

A game overhaul project with modular parts, by @Redmas

Trailer for Fun Exocrafts Controls: Mod for No Man’s Sky Origins, as part of this project.


MBINCompiler has updated v3.03.0-pre1 :link:


Update for the latest experimental branch (01/10/2020).
Tests look fine so we should still have good coverage (no update on the role description table sorry).
Also, the site is currently broken. This is being worked on and will be back up in a few days I hope!


NMSDK has updated v0.9.21 :link:


Despite the large amount of time for this release it feels like there isn’t too much in it, but with a diff of +1000 lines of code I must have written something new… right???
Mostly there has been lost of overhauling of the code on the backed. Cleaning things up, fixing for Blender 2.82 compatibility, as well as game version compatibility.
I have also added a new system for adding objects to the scene as well as how scenes are handled to try and avoid the 90 degree rotation issue when exporting models. There may still be some issues with this but I needed to get this version out in the wild since the old version was pretty much completely lacking support for importing or exporting models from the current game version.

One big change that is part of this is the ability to import a model from the game, move stuff around and add new references and such and then export in a seamless fashion. This will not write a new geometry file (so modifying meshes won’t have any effect), but you can modify a vanilla scene to your liking then re-export and immediately use it in the game. Hopefully people will find this useful!


MBINCompiler has updated v3.05.0-pre1 :link:


Update for version 3.0.5 of the game


MBINCompiler has updated v3.10.0-pre1 :link:


Release for new 3.10 update.
This should have good support of most files.
There are probably still some files not working, but most main ones should!


MBINCompiler has updated v3.12.0-pre1 :link:


Update for new 3xperimental release (3.12).