No Vanilla Sky! Modding in the Next era: Showcase / Discussion


Hear ye! Hear ye! If you need a place to share your mod, or one you specially like and feel it has to be shared for the enjoyment of other Scientist Citizens or interlopers in general; this be it!

Mods compatible with No Man’s Sky 1.5x Next have started to roll out, and many are still compatible!

NMS Nexus
NMS Mods

NMS modding (Share your No Man's Sky mod)
No Man's Sky Modded - Space Adventures 1.6.8

All haxxors out there might be happy to know, the “nms save editor” still partially works on Next save-files. New products show with text only, but I have added a lot of the old nanite clusters, and when in-game they got perfectly translated into the “inmaterial” new currency kind.
Also, RaYRod has started publishing Next-specific mods!
And happy to announce that my BIOTOOLS mod showcased in the OP, runs as-is without any change needed.

NMS modding (Share your No Man's Sky mod)

A link to the Biotools mod mentioned above, which does not require changes :wink:


A very small mod, never updated but sill working whatever the update:
It just change the icon when scanning fauna
Small but how usefull.

And if your FPS drop when entering in athmosphere (or on certain planet) you can get 10+ with this one:


So far, my load goes as follows…

(experimental) Biomech Infestation. (Own retexture WIP)
_AsteroidReduction (Less of them, and rendered from further)
_ATaXiA.JetPackOverhaul.Unlimited (Flight-suit)
_Ian’sJetpackv1.0 (Blue jetpack flames)
_LawnReality.CrescentWorlds.1.1.5 (More realistic distant planet lighting)
_NoChargePortal (Free portal glyph activation)
_NoScanlinesNoChromaNoVignette (Cleaner* view)
Black Space with Nebulae 1.0 for NEXT (Just… better)
darkScanner (Cleaner* scan)
LessOverheatx5-FasterMiningx5-LaunchCostReduced10%-MoreJetpackFuel (Less grind)
No Blinding Lights 1.0 for NEXT (Less J.J.)
No DOF Blur 1.0 for NEXT (No blur on dialogues)
No Space Dust 1.0 for NEXT (Cleaner* Space)
Normalize Economy Names (Simpler map info)
True Blood - red for NEXT (Red splatters)
zzE3 2014 Scanner (E3 2014 style scanner recreation)
zzRaYRoD’s Camera Overhaul (NEXT) (Adjusted camera positioning)
zzRaYRoD’s Flight Overhaul (NEXT) (Variation of flight model)
zzzVirak.BioTool.V1.1 (Biomechanical multitool skins)

*Cleaner: More practical for extended use, less stylish and cinematic.


Hi, here’s my list of new mods for next ( more to come )


The NEXT Big Adventure ( mods project )




ATTENTION - NMS Save Editors !

The current Experimental branch on Steam has changed a lot, this includes the saves!
For those who have been using the NO MANS SKY SAVE EDITOR made by GoatFungus will find their Experimental saves, no longer working with version 1.5.21 of this ‘mod’.

For more info see the comment(s) by GoatFungus (NoMansskymods).
His comment includes a link to the latest download for the Experimental branch, which is a work in progress to make up for the changes made by Hello Games.

You can of course check his GitHub as well, for both the current 1.5.21 (master) and 1.5.22 (experimental).


Thanks. Good to know in advance.






I like that X-wing design. :+1:t2:


I need all of this! I just got the pc version. Teach me, please, so I can have THIS!:

20180904162347_1.jpg1920x1080 209 KB


i need to finish more biomes , its not available yet, but i ll hurry the rythme :slight_smile:


Did you add custom models or did you add some parts and tweak the procgen parameters?