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Every frigate has a “support ability” that can be triggered every once in a while. Merchantmen give you money on landing, explorers give you an artifact site (big deal, I have like thirty nav-data for that lying around somewhere in storage…), industrial frigates give you some mid-tier resources (magnetised ferite, chromatic metal, that sort of stuff), combat frigates come to help you in a fight (though that seems to be broken atm, they warp in but then don’t launch their drones), and I have no idea anymore what support frigates do.

Where did you leave that thing, Sicily? :grin:


They warp in, The crew all goes on deck, and they wave their flags and and shout encouragements to their fighters? :wink:


Vy’keen zero-G cheerleader squad? Yes, please!


Then what does CTRL+V do? :joy:


In relation to Beyond - Community Events for those of us PS4 users who want solo/offline play but also want the quicksilver missions:
Loading up with NETWORK turned on is enough for the Nexus/Anomoly to update. You can then turn off NETWORK and summon the Anomoly as per usual and not end up in the crowd, (or if your internet is terrible like mine- simply crashing).


Not sure if everyone knows this, but mods now work in VR (PC). You have to press the ESC key on your keyboard (virtual or real) to get past the message for some reason. Found some useful ones on nexusmods to help with performance/visuals.

Talking of mods, does anyone know if there is a mod to remove the white focus light around objects when you get near them? i.e. when you get near to an animal - it ruins the appearance of the animals for me. Otherwise I might have to try and make one.


Support frigates give condensed carbon.


So, is doing the confusing storyline quests the only way for players who have multiplayer turned off to get quicksilver? That is, a meager amount from Nada?

I have now done three Nexus quests, and though the rewards are welcome, none of them (so far) offer QS.


I don’t know about other platforms, but on Steam (PC), with multiplayer off, I’ve been receiving quicksilver quests for about a week now. There’s only one per day, and a yellow symbol appears nect to the Nexus when it’s available. It’s perfectly possible for single players to do most of them.

If you miss one, it gets saved - so the next day you get offered two.


Ah. Thank you so much! :heart:

I guess I just haven’t seen those yet.


Here’s the Nexus with multiplayer off. Empty, except for me.


Here’s the quest booth. The yellow symbol on the right shows there’s a quicksilver quest available.


And here’s my quest - collect ancient bones. Easy.

Have fun!



Oh, the screenshots clarify this perfectly. I’m sure it will help others who are a bit confuzzled about it too. Thank you!

I have not seen that symbol yet. So I’m speculating that I may have to complete an unknown number of Nexus missions before it shows up.


I don’t think so. I didn’t bother with them until the quicksilver quests started. I haven’t done any others.


Ok. Sounds like good ol’ rng, then :smile:


Huh, that’s the way the Nexus always looks like for me, even with multiplayer on! :smile:


You get the quicksilver from nada by talking to him during atlas rises quests.

Basically any time you advance a step in the quest line, visit the nexus, beyond added new dialogue for polo and nada that are contextual to each stage in atlas rises mission progression, and this is when nada gives you quicksilver.

I don’t know if its every time but either way it’s worth going during every stage progression because the things they say are relevant to your current point in the story and helps flesh it out more and makes the games events and worlds seem much more connected. It’s been one of my favourite little additions with Beyond, this new nada and polo dialogue :slight_smile:

To clarify, there are moments in the atlas rises quest line that require you to visit the anomaly, but these are not the instances I’m referring to that give quicksilver. You need to visit them when you’re doing other things to advance the atlas rises quest, and each time you progress a step, there’s new dialogue options with nada and polo, nadas give you the quicksilver. Then next time you progress atlas rises quest, visit them again. Rinse repeat.


Good tip! I have a bad habit of postponing visits to Nada & Polo.


I believe it is only twice that you get QS but still worth doing.


That is good advice.Thanks Todd. :heart:

Though my original question was about getting quicksilver from quests other than storyline missions, when I get around to doing the Atlas Rises questline I will definitely keep that in mind.

I am currently, slowly working my way through the Artemis, Apollo, Null tangled questline(s?), which I’m resenting a little.

To answer @sheralmyst:
I currently have 750qs. Nada has given me 150qs at each visit prompted by the A,A,N, lines.
–unless you were speaking specifically about the Atlas quests which I have not begun. Nor have I started the Black Hole storyline --if it is in fact a storyline, or a one-shot “go through a black hole” thing.

I find the whole thing confusing and having gone through the ARG, I have yet to understand how it all fits together. But then I never have been good at puzzles, unless they are visual ones. :jpy:


Well I got ripped off. He only gave me QS twice…:thinking: Of course, that has been weeks ago and many patches ago…maybe it changed since then.