How to use the Move Controller?

Are you having issues learning the move controllers.
Ask your question here and hopefully a friendly local can set you in the right direction
scan through Tips & Tricks and see if someone has maybe already solved it.


Is there a Move controller manual? My first experience was negative in VR thanks to being on a radioactive planet and a storm blew in just as I got started. Died without ever being able to get into my ship or energize my radiation protection.

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Might be best using the regular controller until you are relatively safe and can learn how the move controllers work.
I’m finding everything to be quite familiar and friendly using the standard controllers…some changes but there are prompts.


Yeah, but a tutorial or PDF manual would have been nice. I’ll check YouTube and see if someone has a video up of the Move controllers.

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Upon further reflection, I may just start a new game. it’s supposed to walk you through VR and the story seems to have been revised to some degree.

So, go to Options --> Control Options --> View Controls


Yup, new game has a great move control introduction. Playing new game til major bugs are squashed to protect my legacy save from any accidents.

You can also check out mapping for controls in the options.

One thjng I should point out, you can’t switch from move controllerw to DS4 controls mid game, or at least I couldn’t figure out how to. My move controls died mid session so I switched to DS4 but all I could do was turn on the spot and jump, had to quit out of the game and start again with ds4. Controls seem to lock in on boot up.

That or I missed a trick. I also don’t know if just quitting back to nms main menu will suffice, I just went with closing the application completely to save time on troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Also have a ds4 handy anyway, you can’t name your discoveries with the move controls, the same issue I found with dreams, the text tool for naming that pops up is hardlocked to a ds4. Seems to be some silly psn GUI overlay nonsense or oversight.


I started VR yesterday and I could only move by teleporting. I did see a video last night of normal movement, is that something I can change in the settings?


I believe you have to change settings in Control > Settings. I am however not exactly sure if I have the menu names correct and what the options are actually called.

Edit: I think it is an option to select ‘Smooth’ movement.


Killin some time and checkin in here… Hope everyone is gettin on great with the latest and greatest shizzle!

Personally i agree with everyone starting a new game for vr is the only way to go. Feel like a baby learning to walk all over again but perhaps more fascinating!

Have had a few moments where im like wtf how am i meant to… Then… Oh right HG did think about it! Going to be a while before i feel fully fluent in the VRarts, but i think if we all stick with it, the gameplay and & experience will be unparalleled… Just a shame that psvr is a bit blurry at times.

Peace all


Cheers, I’ll give that a try later.

I think you can erase “at times” :grimacing:

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A PS4 PRO patch should help with the blurriness. Hopefully we get one in the next couple weeks.

Despite struggling with the Move controls, and the blurriness, there were some really cool moments -which is why I play videogames in the first place, for those moments.

Turn off motion blur. It really shouldnt be on for VR at all, that’ll help with SOME of the blurriness, it won’t prevent the blurriness which happens when yr eyes try to focus on the distance (which Yr mind doesn’t realise isn’t actually in the distance) which is the cause of some faux blurriness on the humans end.

As for pro fixing anything, or a pro patch, it most likely won’t. Nms already supports hdr in Pro, it’s not present in VR with Pro because those VR goggles ain’t Yr fancy pants tv.

Pretty much all tessellation is off, as is render distance and LOD lowered just to get the thing to run on PSVR, Yr goggles don’t do hdr and they are of a very small resolution, any improvements with pro will be minimal and practically unnoticeable if any. Might get a bump in performance but any visual fidelity offered by Pro will most likely not be activated while using VR.

Personally I’m amazed by how great it looks and runs on PSVR and the graphical sacrifices are absolutely worth every bit of it for the addition of depth :heart_eyes:


Me too. It is gorgeous. I was absolutely amazed, and what amazed me the most is the new menu display. You know, how the quests displays on the screen, when you start a new game? Absolutely nuts. The discovery page… there’s so so so much improvement. I tried what you recommended. Much better.
I wen’t to a friends house today to let him try the head set. I took everything, the cables, the headset, the small black box… but I forgot the camera… meeee.


I did that once before but forgot the USB cable that goes from the PS4 to the little VR box.


So I’ve been playing for over a week, distraught but accepting of the fact I could not do a barrel roll in ship. Assumed because of nausea induced bleh.

Well I was wrong.

And I don’t know why it took this long to figure it out. I swore I tried the buttons before haha

If you hit square or triangle, on the right remote while holding your ships stick, your ship will roll :slight_smile:


Now to try it standing up :nauseated_face:


[yet another delayed response - sorry]

similar to @toddumptious i believe, in that I havn’t really been able to play VR much more after attempting a low altitude high speed bank-turn resulting in immediate headset removal and a period of recovery :face_vomiting: lol

Despite this Vr still has my vote - even if just an occasional thing for now. @arpoja perhaps the ‘at times’ was just my excited optimism of finally being gifted this experience by HG. It will surely only get better from here, bring on PSVR2 but not without a 4k screen and beefed-up processing!.. one day i guess :thought_balloon:


When affordable VR gets to a point where it has 4k screen in each eye with 120+ frames a second, I fully support a remaster or re-release of the game that looks as good in VR then as it does in regular play now :slight_smile:


I am not sure it would actually need 4k resolution. The biggest problem with VR is the pixel density, which when magnified at such a close distance does not quite deliver a sharp image. Of course resolution and screen size amount to pixel density, so when going from a 2k screen to a 4k screen of the same size, it would certainly improve. I just doubt that such a high resolution is actually needed. Looking at the Varjo for example, which comes at around $6k, the resolution is certainly not 4k, but the pixel density is a lot higher. This results in a high PPD (Pixel Per Degree) count, thus looking a lot sharper.