Bought VR because of NMS

I know many NMS players were convinced to either try or buy a VR headset in anticipation of the Beyond update. For those that have bought or tried it what do you think? Did you enjoy it? And what games have you liked?


I personally had bought PSVR long before in 2017 when Skyrim came out for it. I’m just wondering how the people who recently bought it think.

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I bought my PSVR the weekend after the announcement.

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Going to buy one when they become common peripherals that run on mid-range machines. So, possibly in 10, 20 years or so… :smile:


I bought my Headset, just after the announcement of NMS Beyond. After test, I think it is a great object, the virtual reallity is pretty cool even if the graphics are still low of course, very comfortable thou. I heard that the VR2 is coming soon as well as the PS5 & PS5PRO, so I am already saving money for the new equipement!


Oh and by the way, I bought this guy to bring me everywhere in the sim once Beyond comes out!!
Very NMS-like isn’t ? :heart_eyes:



NMS made me want to buy it, because i finally have a use for it!


Bought my headset at the end of 2017. Resi seven was atmospheric as all hell and was too nerve wrecking to even get close to finishing it.

Really enjoy keep talking and nobody explodes, great fun when friends are around.

Using the DS4 is essential for games like skyrim and resi, any game that requires 360° movement its my go to control scheme. Using the teleport or slingshot movement with move controls just is not fun or enjoyable and makes games like skyrim just play dreadfully, though it’s fun at first to try the move on skyrim just to have the ability to move your hands and objects around freely.

Move controls are amazing for games where you are static, surgeon simulator, job sim, etc.

Best experience I’ve had with move controllers (and will have VR support when it fully launches) to date is Dreams. This is first game I’ve ever played where the motion controls feel like you are actually manipulating thigs accurately and sculpting. Can’t wait to add VR to the sculpting/modeling experience.

That’s been my experience with VR so far. Really enjoy it, adds a whole new level of immersion never experienced in games before. As big of a leap from 2d to 3d in my opinion. However, it is for short term sessions, right now it won’t replace standard gaming or controls. Becomes a workout otherwise.


I wonder when the first tabloid will publish the dramatic headline ‘No Man’s Sky player lost in Virtual Reality’. Boy 10 emerges from bedroom after six months wandering the Universe in the popular PS4 game. Living on chocolate digestives and a hoard of Easter Eggs, traveller Kevin finally emerged into the sunlight scanning his neighbour’s cat with his No Man’s Sky mobile phone app, believing it to be an alien…
Reported missing by his mother before Christmas, she claimed her son had been abducted by Aliens, having heard strange noises from his bedroom.

I think No Man’s Sky VR is going to be fun.


Very cool look, but I think we’ll be using the Move controllers for NMS VR?

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I expect move controllers and hope for Aim controller support.

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I loved using the AIM controller for just a shooter game, but having virtual hands really makes VR that much cooler for me, so the Move controllers are my preference.

Really, we need Move controllers 2.0, with some thumb sticks. Probably not till PSVR 2.0, but at least the current equipment will be usable on the PS5. That means I can upgrade at my convenience.


You can use either or, the early reviews have already discussed how the move controls function, has some cool gestures for changing weapons etc but it sound like it will be slingshot/teleport movement so I’ll be using the DS4 personally, maybe I’ll use move controls for base building sessions :slight_smile:

Edot: I think I misunderstood what you meant by “we’ll be using” as meaning, everyone will be using, so ignore all that :wink: