VR more likely than ever?


In the poll released by Hello Games (https://hellogames.typeform.com/to/W9aoyg)

As an option for new feature was VR, so if anything Hello Games has seen VR as a possible thing to concentrate on if votes indicate so…And looking at the comments on that tweet people want 3 things really badly

  1. NPC movement and interaction
  2. Submarine
  3. VR


I voted for the first 2 but, getting the 3rd would mean a new console and/or a new PC…


If you don’t already have PSVR you might want to wait until PS5 and PSVR2


Well, I hope they’ll publish the survey results…
I really do hope VR doesn’t go too high on the list. The likelyhood that I’ll ever have VR until it’s a perfectly normal peripheral you can buy for under 200 bucks and plug into any mid-range GPU is very much negligible. So, probably something like 10+ years…


PSVR is already Under $200 new and PS4 is Under $250 used so after both there secon iterations release the price will drop (maybe $100 and $150?) In most likely 2 years not 10.


Honestly VR will probably be the third thing completed out of the options mentioned due to the size of the update. But as a member of the VR community I can assure that many VR users would only buy the game if it was in VR. And VR would really not affect people without it.


Except for development resources consumed, which I’d rather see spent elsewhere of course.

That’s close to 500 units for a device that can only serve to play games. A device on which I can count the number of games I’d actually be interested in playing with the fingers of one hand, with plenty of fingers left over. Where the number of said games that cannot be played on a PC (which I need in any case) is one. And where the number of games that I want to play and can’t play on it is legion.
It’s never going to happen.


I’ve had psvr for a while. I think a lot of the games are half baked but its a very immersive experience all the same. The scale of nms in vr would be awesome. It’s still not top of my wishlist for nms but I reckon if they can manage it it would be a flagship vr title so dev costs for it would probably be offset and then some by a new round players. I just hope if they do it that its integrated in to the existing modes if that’even possible.