Possible Full dive VR system in works?


This ARG we’ve all gotten ourselves involved with has a strong whiff of VR full dive. The “ground breaking technology”, “simulated universe” and the limited, 10,000 people limit to the “Atlas pass V4” is all rather fitting and gets me wondering. Anyone agree or just me?


Does make sense. Even somewhat fits with Lucid Dreaming, although not a dream, you’d be aware in an other in-game reality. Would be quite a big update, which not everyone, even if owning the game, may be able to fully experience though, … like me. It would certainly not make me less happy when it comes with additional content either way.


That would be the best thing that HG could do… :star_struck: I actually bought the game because I hoped they would enable VR in the first place or at a later point via update, because they already testet with Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus (aka PS VR) back when everything was in an early stage.
My PS VR is waiting for NMS! :grin:


that gun they released for Farpoint sure would make a good multitool


NMS in VR would be incredible!
I’ve had a Vive for a few months and wanted to mod it into the game, but would much rather have official support since I’m not big into modding. I hope this does come about!


Holding out on a PSVR purchase for this very reason. I bought a PS4 for NMS and I’ll buy a PSVR for NMS. Simple.


I too REALLY want NMS in VR. I’d be willing to shell out a ton of money for it. I’m planning on getting PSVR for Skyrim this November, and when I have that I’m going to try using Vorpx on PC to play NMS. I read that it works, although it lacks a lot of the new fancier VR improvements.


this has been my guess that we get full VR for NMS :slight_smile: it would be the killer VR app so far if done well. but again a long shot but w/the reality/existence/worlds themes of this ARG it is seeming more and more plausible.


there’s gotta be more than just vr, I hope there is. If the big update only brings vr and a few other small things I think I might be done with this game.


It’d be a nice feature but I really do hope they’ve spent their time and invested elsewhere in features/changes for the game.


I think it’s far more likely that we never get a proper NMS VR and instead the devs focus on improvements that benefit everyone. They are still a tiny group, and VR is still firmly a niche market, unfortunately. That said, I would be euphoric if the only thing in the next update is VR since I love the game as-is… But lets face it, its probably not happening. :confused:


NMS :smiley::+1: from me


While I doubt VR will come this update as I’d think it is dealing with far more important features, it’d be amazing if it’s added eventually. I love Elite: Dangerous for this very reason. Being able to look around while flying in space and feel like you’re there is just…breathtaking.


If VR does get added to NMS, it will likely be a PC-only feature. After all, the base PS4 can’t run NMS at a locked 60fps with a narrow FOV. So I can’t see them spending the dev time to implement a big feature like that for only half of their userbase; at least not any time soon. And honestly, there’s more gameplay improvements and graphical enhancements I’d rather see implemented using the CPU and GPU horsepower that is available.


I have a good idea here is the link, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rZQNZ6BgeSwHchtuRbe5WURAKxzBNZU5llx62zY9B1A/edit?usp=sharing


Well it’s not really an idea more of a concept to spring up ideas


NMS struggles to maintain framerate as it is, even on some high-end systems.

VR requires twice the graphics processing capability of a single screen game. Each frame needs two different HD images, rather than one.

NMS does not create scenes from pre-drawn maps. It generates them on the fly, in real time. This creates a massive processor load.

VR just ain’t gonna happen, folks.


my system lags and I am running i7 with 32GB ram, dual 960 GPU SLI, SSD, 4K monitor,

12GB graphic ram


Similar setup. Processor i7, 32 Gb very fast RAM, Nvidia 1080 graphics (8Gb).

And I still get lag.

VR ain’t gonna happen, folks.


At least not for the forseeable future. You never know if a NMS 2 come out in a couple console generations who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to I magine what will be possible 10 or 20 years into the future. What kind of graphics and proc-gen will be enabled by future hardware.