Did Hello Games save the best for last? What could the third part of Beyond be?

I’ve been thinking, and it doesn’t seem to me that HG would leave a less exciting feature for the third and final reveal about the Beyond update. They would either save a feature equal in impact to NMS Online and NMS VR, or even save the best for last.

So, going from an assumption that the third feature is the biggest one, what could it possibly be?


It is hard to top the first 2. Perhaps the ship customization we want rolled up with a number of other things. I would love to see enhanced base-building. The ability to rotate and change the size of pieces would be really nice.
Perhaps new planet features…I have no idea.
Going shopping for PSVR this weekend. Whatever the 3rd point is, I am sure I will be happy.


i think the clue is in the name, so its something that is beyond what is already there. so, beyond…infinity?
infinity =math
math =procedural generation
so logically, its a creators toolkit to crowd source everything-new plants, new animals new buildings…
prove me wrong! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Every updates been good and VR for me seals the deal. No clue what it might be but I really hope part 3 is something the non vr solo players can get their teeth into so they dont feel short changed . But I do think they have saved the best for last…


“Best” is a point of view. For someone (not me) that dreams of NMS the MMO the best news came first and it has been downhill since then. As someone that use to ride his bike to the town’s library to view it’s great collection of Pefecscope images, the VR update piques my interest. It is likely that they saved the option that is still evolving, preferring to wait as long as practical before declaring a feature freeze.


I’m inclined to examine what we already have & where else those features could be implemented.

Command Ship (freighter) docking bay tweaks & the Space Station alterations from NEXT may give a hint to possible update components, with maybe further enhanced features added.
New NPC venders, giving the opportunity for a bit of buying & selling of owned starships would be nice. Maybe even ship sales between players…?

Custom player-owned space station bases in uncharted systems might be a possible direction. With such large scale building now available, a playerbuilt space station seems feasible.
Maybe even hub-citadels for the multiplayers…?

As @sheralmyst mentioned above, ship customization has been big on the community wish-list. Exocraft customising was introduced in NEXT so ship customising would be a logical next step. Maybe not all components, but colour & ‘bolt-ons’ maybe.

Perhaps abandoned systems might get more debris, like war ravaged derelict freighters & frigates floating in space to investigate.
With us now being able to interact with frigates & the recent appearance of derelict space stations, it would seem feasible that derelict frigates & freighters (in space) might be possible.

With the introduction of more vibrant ocean environments, I wonder if deep, dark ocean exploration might be more of a thing?
Caves seem underutilized too.

There are some confusing unanswered questions such as the ring structure ‘Boundary Failures’ & the reasoning behind the exotic planets where they are?
Why are sentinels so protective of certain things & places yet the corrupt sentinels get no back-up at all?
What is the deal with the Calcishrooms & crashed satellites both displaying the same flashing red symbols or warning?

I could go on & on but these are a few of my thoughts on what the next update might entail.


Complete open galaxy , flying to solar systems not having to use warp.


That’s more of a gimmick than a feature, though. I mean, it would be cool, but hardly anyone would be using it because it would take real days to get anywhere…

I hope it’ll be just a big ol’ bag of new mechanics. Active NPCs, frigates and freighters would be at the top of my list, More depth to solar systems as an overall entity a close second, etc. Essentially, just make the world as is more active and interactible, and I’m good.

Now if a magical Genie appeared and granted me a wish, I’d wish for procedural races/civilisations with procedural lore and backstory. Yeah, that one ain’t going to happen, I guess.


That’s the one for me.

The animals have pathing, behaviours, reactions and AI. So do the various sentinels. We know there’s no problem incorporating those mechanics into the game. And yet the NPCs are all static.

Let’s have some characters to interact with.


If you look closely at the NMS Online 4 sec vid, the entry to that area (Hub area?) seems to be a ring structure. It could be the Boundary Failure that allows people from different galaxies to travel between galaxies. That could mean more Lore is added to help explain it…


I agree with the hub speculation, that’s my theory as well. Here is from the article on nomanssky.com

No Man’s Sky Online includes a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together.

Since they know the difference between galaxies and the universe that implies to me that we will have galactic portals to hub locations


I really hope HG will add some more Lore, Npc’s and a way to connect everything togheter with a real storyline. A huge enemy would be welcome aswell. There’s still no real treat in No Man’s Sky. Sentinels, pirates and Walkers are ok, but these enemies are always small…

It feels like until now they’ve prepared everything what’s aside of a big Enemy and Story line (until now we have what, 5-6 Official storyline Npc’s?) Still missing that basic content, besides exploring in many ways and building a base. Base parts are cool, ok. New transports are fine. New type of planets are welcome, but guys, oneword, LORE.




Let me rephrase this a bit, since I wasn’t looking for lists of common sought-after features again.

Tell us what you think the third part of Beyond will be NAMED. Things like “No Man’s Sky Empires” or “No Man’s Sky Adventures”. Then you can explain what features it will entail.

Hello Games will definitely go with a title that sums up what the third feature is in a way that non-players of NMS can understand, just like with NMS Online and NMS VR. “No Man’s Sky Flora/Fauna Variation” is not a title that would turn the heads of non-fans or news articles, for instance.

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No Man’s Sky: Pathosis

An outbreak of aggressive sentinels begins to affect the universe, rapidly causing them to eveolve into corrupted sentinels. This spreads into atlas stations, space stations, fauna/flora and alien races become affected. The players must work with Nada and Polo to investigate affected system by holding back threats and investigating systems affected in order to discover the source and truth of what is happening.


If the Online with possible improvements to how well interactions between Travelers work plus the VR element for those with VR capable systems is just the first two parts then I would think that the third part would be more Quality of Life Updates. We saw an in cockpit view of the Exocraft, in the VR segment. I would also like to see them be able to add more to the galaxies without taking out the stuff we already have (IE like they did with changing the Sea floors in Abyss). Imagine adding worlds we never have seen but they are alongside those we already are familiar with. They are also rarer to come by just to make them more sought after.

Personally I cannot see why people want customized vehicles in the game as I have always enjoyed finding stuff in the game and letting other people show me where those things are as well :slight_smile: Planets can only be so different in a Procedural way before they become just random noise that is no different than seeing random artifacts on the screen (commonly called snow) like when you look at an old TV when it has no signal. I can see customizable Multi-tools and Exo-Suits however and probably allowing what is attached to influence the overall look and feel of them :slight_smile:

In the end I hope that Hello Games gives us their vision of what Beyond should be like and not only look at what we want but ultimately what they want in No Man’s Sky going forward :slight_smile:

PS after 3 months or so I finally found the fix for my Window 7 Transport Layer Security (TLS) problem that was causing a non connect with the Discovery Servers in NMS so I should be back playing the game regularly again :slight_smile: Sad to say that when I got on the Community Events have ended and all but I still get to access the new stuff in the Quicksilver Bot so I am glad I fixed it :slight_smile:


Oh man, we solved that connection issue about 2 weeks after it began. @Argh found the answer on the Steam forum.
Glad you found the solution.
I hope we get a chance to earn more QS since I had the same issue and there is still one item I do not have.


there is a huge enemy. Go back through the Lore.

It is watching … waiting to attack


I am now going to predict the name of part 3: NMS: Base Building Bonanza :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:because SM just liked a tweet about this mod


NMS: All of the above?


You’re completely right Zsigmond. But wherever he is, he’s not in the game, at all.
He’s watching…and waiting… so I hope he’s done waiting!