Ambient Game Mode

Found this on twitter:

Looks cool.


It seemed like more of a game developers tool to me.


@HypoLord: I added the NMS - General Discussion category to your topic.

Ambient mode itself was found quite a long time ago, although this was the first post I saw where it described how to actually enable it. Pretty cool and soothing, just flying about, listening to your preferred in-game track.

@LordMarkov: I doubt it was implemented as a game dev tool, considering it’s full features. Useful of course, but HG is not known to leave dev tools in the game and likely have better ways to do any kind of testing. Who knows though, as it has so far not been made functional without ‘being creative’.


Kinda surprises me that this is just now getting attention. The Steam post about it was back in February, and it didn’t stir up much.

To my shame, I did read it back when it was first mentioned, but I didn’t spread the word about it - thinking that it would spread on its own. Looks like I was wrong - and it saddens me to see how such great finds can literally drown in the influx of rambe / rants / complaints on Steam.

Well, I’m glad that it is somewhat on track now - especially since people are making videos about it. Without them and without me even trying it out, I would’ve never experienced that awesome mix of 65DOS music they apparently created just for that ambient mode. Just listen to that organ at the end … :musical_note:


Some interesting discussion/speculation on this was just had on the Cobra TV Subcast! Theory that it could potentially be a mode being created for VR…