For the Love of No Man's Sky, it's Ambient noise, and Music

I haven’t seen anything yet anywhere talked about No Man’s Sky Audio, and Ambient sounds. If I missed it here, I apologize.

I just wanted to say, I wish I cold find the complete, and I mean complete music of No Man’s Sky. It’s beyond beautiful.

And have you ever head the ambient sound on a Anomaly planet? It’s amazing, in particular the bubble planets which I love.

I know you on this forum do, and it’s the only forum I’ve seen with people as passionate as we all are about this game, noticed the beautiful big and miniscule things about game that are beautiful, there would be no haters out there in hater land.

From the teeny little creatures, to the tiny flowers, and the thousands, upon thousands of hours, work, and time Hello Games have given to us so we could have those wow moments every time we play. To the beautiful eye watering background music, and universe. I have to tell everyone and Hello Games, that its by far the most astounding, world I’ve ever had the pleasure of living my virtual life in.

Happy Traveling! Have a fantastic weekend!


There’s been a few threads over the last year and a bit here praising the work of Paul Weir on the audio design and 65dos for their “infinite” soundtrack, always welcome more and more of the discussion, especially this human who’d been a very big 65dos fan for many years.

Imagine a trailer for your perfect idea for a game set to music from a band who were relatively obscure outside of your own music bubble as far as you were aware. It was like stars and planets aligning. I still have to pinch myself time to time to make sure this isn’t one big long coma dream.

I thought me and Sean just shared a cultural heritage and a penchant for beard growing but we also share a similar taste of music it seems :joy:

Also for a period I was streaming my gameplay with just the music on 100 and the sfx turned to zero as there was a request from people searching for specific melodies or combinations thereof that weren’t on the official soundtrack, i know some people even stick the game on in the background for ambient noise as a study or creative aid.

Paul Weirs work on ambient noise and sound effects and his recent musical contributions to the NMS NEXT update are also worthy of note. Especially the huge overhaul on creature sounds with this update.


Thank you so much Toddumptious for your enlightening post. I surely will look up all I can on Paul Weir, and 65dos audio.
I can imagine that trailer, and the beards lol.
The creature sounds have indeed been a relief from the squealing animals before the NEXT update. I spent a bunch of time tonight on my bubble planet listening to the music, and ambient sounds, and it takes me away from reality and brings me into the game completely.
There is nothing at all to compare to NMS, absolutely nothing. I want it to stay that way.

It’s time for me to sleep before I fall off my chair and hit the keyboard lol.

Happy Traveling, and again, thank you :smiley:

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oh man…… beautiful

Will listen this to sleep………

A few people on here had recommended I attempt some play sessions with the music off. While I was a bit apprehensive at first as the soundtrack was a big part of the game for me, I did eventually try it and I like to return to it from time to time. To be fully immersed in the physical sounds of the simulaton is quite a different experience. Especially in survival playthroughs.


Indeed I bet it would be in survival. I found the 65daysofstatic. It’s just knocking my socks off.

Music to dream by. Night night :smiley:

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The favorite song/ambiance that I have heard so far is the music that plays upon using a monument (I think it’s called that) to find a portal.
It still gives me chills every time I hear it! :musical_note:

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