{-EARGASM-} :: celebrating 65DaysOfStatic's NMS OST

tl;dr – track list, direct-linked to 65 Days of Static’s own YouTube videos, 2nd post
Firstly, I’d like to THANK all of you who’ve so far welcomed me during the past week or so since I joined (so belatedly, dammit; I wish I’d known about this ages ago :sob:) .
(So, yeah, I’m still relatively “new” here; please be gentle with me. LOL. Thanks.)

Second, I’m aware there’s a thread for “NMS-Inspired music”, but specifically this isn’t just “inspired” by NMS, this IS NMS MUSIC, the No Man’s Sky SOUNDTRACK. :wink:

Third, the Gen.Disc. thread’s subtitle reads:

Take off your headset, put your feet up, and tell us what’s on your mind.

… but I’m specifically asking you to PUT YOUR HEADSET BACK ON. :smiley: :+1:

Aims of this thread:

++ 1.a ++ provide a “convenient” link-off to 65DoS own YouTube channel / ‘videos’ for the tracks many of us will have come to know & love(?!).

++ 1.b ++ ask you ALL to click through, especially to YOUR favourites, and be sure to LIKE the videos for the NMS tracks, as the puny numbers suggest that 65DoS’ channel NEEDS FAR MORE :heart: from the likes of us! :wink: Thank you for your support here!

++ 1.c ++ ensure that anyone not yet familiar (enough!) with 65daysofstatic’s NMS soundtrack gets the chance to REALLY get their EARS tickled by this stuff. :smiley:
—> Listen while you ETARC / do Citizen Science for this ATLAS Division <— :stuck_out_tongue:

++ 2. ++ seek your Thoughts & Feedback on 65 Days of Static’s NMS music - tracks you LOVE & why, tracks you hate & why, and perhaps even take your own exploratory audio-tour of their other posted tracks, and share those YOU think would suit NMS – I’ll be including MY fave Debutante (from the “We Were Exploding Anyway” album), which you will likely ALL remember as the E3 (etc) audio backing track to the PREVIEW VIDEOS which got us all super-hyped for this game!

++ 3. ++ to focus on, discuss, and “celebrate” the Creatives behind the soundtrack to our Space Exploration in NMS, 65 Days of Static, and the music they gifted us all.


Now … I have, in the past, enjoyed 65DoS’ music via OTHER YouTubers who’ve shared it.
However, as they’re still making money off it, I don’t want them to benefit at 65DoS’ expense, which is why I’m asking you to Listen to, Love, & “Like” 65DoS’ Much Better-Sounding, Original-Upload-Quality tracks, please!

Just as our purchase of NMS has “helped” Hello Games (as well as, indirectly, 65DoS), listening to, and clicking the :+1: on, 65 Days of Static’s Certified YouTube-posted tracks will “help” them out, too.

Let’s make it our way of THANKING 65 Days of Static for their soundtrack to our fantastical sci-fi universe.

Please click through; please click the :+1:; thanks for your support, everyone!

Kindest Regards,
Your fellow Traveller,

@Argent-Star :business_suit_levitating: :school_satchel: :rocket: :milky_way: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


65daysofstatic // 65 Days of Static

No Man’s Sky : Music for an Infinite Universe ((16 tracks, total))

  1. [ . 6:18] Monolith
  2. [ . 4:23] Supermoon
  3. [ . 5:52] Asimov
  4. [ . 4:24] Heliosphere // listen out for the cat’s meeoowww… :heart_eyes_cat:
  5. [ . 5:54] Blueprint for a Slow Machine
  6. [ . 2:57] Pillars of Frost
  7. [ . 2:56] Escape Velocity // the one with the piano… :musical_keyboard: :musical_score: :notes:
  8. [ . 4.47] Red Parallax // used in the “I’ve seen things…” video
  9. [ . 2:54] Hypersleep
  10. [ . 7:27] End of the World Sun
  11. [ . 9:29] False Suns (NMS_exteriorAtmos1)
  12. [10:55] Tomorrow / Lull / Celestial Feedback
  13. [11:51] Departure / Shortwave / NoiseTest
  14. [10:07] temporalDissent / ascension_test01 / koaecax <-- future cipher key!
  15. [ . 8:52] Borealis / Contrastellar
  16. [12:00] Outlier / EotWS_Variation1 (explicitly::End of the World Sun alt)

Yes, OK, here’s also the Direct Link to 65DoS’ “full album” YouTube auto-play list, starting of course with Track #1, “Monolith”.

(from album “We Were Exploding Anyway”; soundtrack to the NMS PREVIEW)

:heart: [7:22] Debutante :heart:

Please remember to :+1: (Like, on YouTube) every track you listen to; feel free to leave Comments on your favourite tracks; and Subscribe to them if you want, also!

Thanks to all of you for helping me show support for 65 Days of Static on YouTube.

Kindest Regards,
Your fellow Traveller,

@Argent-Star :business_suit_levitating: :school_satchel: :rocket: :milky_way: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

CONFIRMED countries which CAN access these "videos" (audio tracks)

United Kingdom

CONFIRMED countries which CAN NOT (yet?!) - upd 24.7.18

United States of Trumperica :unamused:


I’m not able to view any of the tracks here on youtube. :thinking:

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Oh…? :open_mouth:

Which country are you in / connecting from, @ashusurus …? India?
(That is, I don’t imagine that UK (where I am) or the US / Can ought to have any problems…)

Thanks for taking the time to make this post argent. Been a big 65dos fan ever since my friend had a spare ticket and brought me to, what I assumed knowing his tastes, was gonna be some whiney emo band.

Let’s just say I was pleasentpy surprised.

Then I had to question the nature of my own reality when several years later I discover a fellow Irishman is making my dream game idea and is also getting 65dos to make the soundtrack :heart_eyes: stars truly do aline!

If you get the chance I’d recommend trying to catch their new show/exhibition using techniques they learnt, discovered or created while working on no mans sky.

It’s a completely proceduraly generated gig using an AI swarm and control units to create new but familiar music every night.


I am from India.
Oddly, the videos that are blocked usually have a warning that says
" This video is unavailable in your Country or Region".

Here it just shows as “This video does not exist”.
Very Odd.


In the US. Can’t view it either. Says Uploader has not made it available in my country

Its saying that it is blocked in the US, every track is blocked . :sob: I was so looking forward to hearing it!!

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Yeah, I expect one day we will wake up and find out breathing normal air has been blocked and we will have to buy our air in cans and breathe it through a machine that has to have parts replaced every month…lol. Okay, maybe that is a little cynical. Or maybe not. :scream:


It’s already done.


They tried to do air from L.A.

But it eats through the sides of the can.


Oh dear… :frowning:

@ashusurus , @sheralmyst , @SnailynRage
I’m so sorry. I didn’t imagine that YouTube would be any problem.

Actually, now that I take a moment to think about it . . .

It might be tied in to the TRADE TARIFFS IMPOSED BY THE PotUS.
It’s quite possible that either YouTube UK is “not allowed” to share British music out to the USA, or elsewhere… OR that select British musicians have set their media “disallowed” for outside UK…

Or, it might be an after-effect of CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA and countries outside of media source (in this case UK) must have the correct permissions set in order to access the media…

I will write to 65DoS and ask if they might permit more non-US inbound requests, in case this is the cause of the blockage…

Will appreciate ALL FEEDBACK from all forumites re access or inability to access the track links shared in Post #2. THANK YOU.


It’s the infamous wall being built…it’s not just on one boarder. We are being walled in from every side. I am getting claustrophobic…can’t breathe…quick, give me some of that canned air…:clown_face: Sorry. It has been a rough few days. :sob:


Aww, @sheralmyst

Ya know, if you’re Unsatisfied with your President’s performance, you DO know you have Options to pursue, right…?

… and in November, be sure to Make Your Voice Heard.

As for canned air, there’s a Sucker born every minute, as they say. Plus, there are enough people out there with more money than sense, so it’ll sell… slowly.

Yeah, American Borders are quite a contentious issue.
The kids they separate from their parents, they give some temporary accommodation to… and that makes them “boarders” at the borders! :open_mouth:


Yes, they are. So let’s be a little careful here. Political issues can become very acrimonious, very quickly.


Roger that, capitano @Polyphemusthis ain’t a political debating platform…! :open_mouth:

… and even less so, in some ways, for the many of us who aren’t even “voting Americans”…!

I guess I can only leave it to hope that none of our community are also moonlighting as Aryans of the Triple Kappa Conically-Capped Club … >__<


You can find all of 65DaysOfStatic’s music on Spotify and apple music. That was actually my first introduction to No Man’s Sky.


Thank you, @projectcartwheel – I believe they (65daysofstatic) are quite well & widely published, across media streaming services, so those 2 certainly make sense! :smiley: :+1:

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Hello, All - and welcome newer members!

Just a quick re-visit here…

I posted a FULLY-LINKED TRACK LIST of 65daysofstatic’s very own YouTube channel-uploaded album for NMS, AND a link to “Debutante” (my personal favourite), which many will remember was the teaser-vid / preview video soundtrack (and introduction of 65DoS to us, the NMS fans).

SOME respondents have said they (USA, India) could not view the content of 65DoS’ own YT channel.

Before I let this go completely – cuz, really, I’d LOVE for our ETARC community to enjoy the 65DoS music “from the horses’ digital mouth” (as it were) and, as far as I’m concerned, the SOUND QUALITY which can be heard with even basic headphones is MILES BETTER than the re-uploaders or “illegal” sharers on YouTube –
I’d be GRATEFUL if any other ETARCians from OTHER COUNTRIES could test at least 1 link for me, please?

Canada – are you as unable to access the media as USA? :open_mouth:

Europe, broadly – most especially:

  • Italy, … , Spain, … (do we have any Portugal players?!);
  • BeNeLux;
  • Nordic / “FINDS” (Finland, Iceland, Nederlands, Denmark, Sweden);

Asia, broadly – most especially:

  • Hong Kong / China
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Japan & S. Korea
  • Pakistan

S. America – do we have any S.Am.s in ETARC, anybody know?

THANK YOU for your FEEDBACK, Global ETARCians. :heart:

1-liner update: seems GERMANY may also be “blocked” at present.

OK, 2 lines: I’ve “written to” 65DoS to ask them to check their YT channel settings re int’l access. :crossed_fingers: