Decomposition Theory Tour 2018 - 65dos


Late last year 65daysofstatic showcased a new live show at a digital arts festival.

It is an audio/visual performance created using some homecooked algorithms made up and expanded upon from their time with NMS as well as involving an AI swarm and some live coding. Every performance is unique but familiar.

They’ll be taking the show on a small UK tour this year after their regular touring finishes up. Thought would be useful information for anybody in the areas theyll be playing. Would love to see it in action myself and half thinking of hopping a plane to London :blush:

Morning. We’re really excited to announce a run of special A/V shows around the UK as part of our ongoing Decomposition Theory project. Each show will be a unique, live collaborative performance with generative music algorithms we made.

When we started this project, it was a way to try and imagine better futures from the mire of the outmoded music industry… Automation as emancipation, not alienation!

Didn’t turn out that way though. We don’t trust the thoughts we’ve coded into our machines. They don’t trust us either.

The shows:

19.11 The Contemporary, NOTTINGHAM | DT: MACHINE | TICKETS
20.11 Village Underground, LONDON | DT: REDUX | TICKETS
21.11 Band Studios, BRISTOL | DT: SEEDS | TICKETS
23.11 Howard Assembly Room, LEEDS | DT: MINE | TICKETS

Tickets are on sale now. See you there. 65.x

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This is pretty amazing, @toddumptious , thanks for sharing!

BRISTOL is nearest to me…
… and it’ll be the Month after my Birthday. Conveniently. (?!)

Now, to see if I might find anyone to go with… LOL