65daysofstatic - LIVE in the UK - December 5th

Boiler Shop, South Street, Newcastle, UK

Tuesday 5th December, 7pm

… (!!!)

Needless to say there are now two less tickets left than there were half an hour ago…wow.

Is anyone else from here going to be there?
I can’t believe it’s happening :woman_cartwheeling:


Too far to swim… :grinning:

Hope you have a great time!


Thank you! (too far, even if setting off now… :swimming_woman::swimming_man: …?)

We will have a great time, to be sure :grin:

Caught them once maybe ten years ago in Dublin, friend had a spare ticket, my first introduction to the band, been a fan ever since :slight_smile:

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Aww I won’t be able to go
Because its a ocean away :frowning:

That’s a shame @Kantene, knowing how that’s felt so many times myself seeing their tour dates in other parts of the world but not here and free whenever they were…will be interesting to see what they might be doing though next year, not so far away. :crossed_fingers:

@toddumptious so you’re a veteran compared to me and have already been to see them, nice! I learned of them directly as a result of No Man’s Sky, though well before it was released but have never looked back. Funny to think it was all the way from Australia that I had to have all their albums sent from… (the cds, that is, not the vinyls) …thinking this gig won’t feel real until I get there :grinning:

When I first saw the reveal trailer I remember turning to my friend and saying “if this game doesnt even do half of what it says I don’t care, so long as it has more than one 65dos track I am in!”

Little did I know…

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Is this their only UK venue and date does anyone know?

According to their website, this appears to currently be their only upcoming Live Show:

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I know…is incredible how much we’ve been given isn’t it! I’m sure I keep hearing new sounds every time I play…and will stay with me always, the full-on ‘sit back, turn up your headset and let your ears drown in the epic sound’ moment that seemed to just stretch into I don’t know how long but was glorious…the accompaniment to what has been my biggest NMS event so far…

…will be wearing a shirt with same design as the cover of ‘Music for an Infinite Universe’, considerably more comfortable than my only other time in Newcastle many years ago, dressed as Frank Zappa’s Goblin Girl from the Mystery World…

…but @Oshoryu yes, check this out:

I might just be there too…

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Aha, we posted in sync! I saw that too the other day and thought it was the only one also but, they’ve since updated their homepage, exciting stuff!

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“Featuring the premiere of new algorithmic
audio/visual work from 65daysofstatic”

OMIGLOB I need to be there. WE ALL NEED TO BE THERE!

Good Job on zappas goblin girl… did anyone figure it out or did you have to forever explain it?

We’re proud to host premiere performances of Decomposition Theory – major new work by 65daysofstatic, featuring custom-made procedural audio processes, generative music programs, and live-coded noise.

Their two evening performances will be fully supported by Heavy Bleeding, a collaboration between aggrobeat band Blood Sport and live coder Heavy Lifting.


Looks like their time working on NMS has put them down a path of procgen madness… these new live performances sound insane!


Don’t we just…!!! :computer::drum::heart_eyes_cat::space_invader:

I had to forever explain it…although the next day I chose not to bother, when what I’d covered my skin with wouldn’t wash off properly that following morning and left me all stained head to toe so I just looked really, really sick…caused a random bunch of rugby players to shuffle away from me less than discreetly in a food establishment we called in at on the way home…suddenly realised what an advantage it was :crazy_face:

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Oh my god, I’m going to try that at the weekend, no queues at the pub or chipper! Clear the way putrid humans, your goblin king has arrived!


Ahahahaaa… :rofl:

You know, aside from the obvious of this:

knowing there is also a daytime workshop on writing live code to make music and visuals to dance to, it’s hard to imagine you not being there as the CSD Queen of Code! Maybe it’s time for an impromptu holiday, I hear Sheffield is gorgeous in November… :woman_technologist:

Anyway, to all you CSD folk, should something like this be dangling about your person in an empty press-pass holder, you’ll likely receive a sideways glance (together with knowing nod) from me and maybe even, a beverage…

AlgomechSentinal mashup

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Hehehe, loving the title, thanks. I would certainly love to go on a holiday and Sheffield is actually not too far away with me being in the Netherlands. I am tempted for sure as the music is great and that workshop suits me pretty darn well. Just can’t afford it at the moment, sadly enough. I will have to read the stories from you guys afterwards and just imagine I was there :frowning:

Ahhh, that really is a shame…we’ll have to wear something to suggest attending in your name and take photos! Really how great it would have been to see you there :disappointed:

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I remember a few months before release there was another feature on NMS’s music, was in 65dos little studio. I remember seeing their guitars on this little racks that looked like they eBows lowering and raising above the frets… For a long time I wondered what was going on here? Some sort of weird strobe tuning? How do these weird machines tie into NMS? What even are they? I’d never seen them before (I’m a guitarist!)

Starting to think what we saw tinkering around in the background wasn’t NMS related, but was the early experiemntation of this new live show set up they’re unveiling with the AI swarm performing.


That would be great to see! Although I’ve been a bit tied up of late and getting ever more-so, I did do a brief search but couldn’t find anything that resembles this wonder you describe…maybe in November yes, maybe you are right that might be exactly what it was…not long to go to find out!!! Here at my end, I’m still in the midst of working out what I am able/not able to attend in Sheffield as I can’t be there for the whole thing but wow, if I could I would. What I do know, is that this display 65 are planning I cannot miss! Tickets have since arrived for Newcastle in December as well :sparkles:

(how nice it is to be typing with a keyboard again, for the last couple of weeks was limited to a mouse with ‘on-screen’ keyboard and was feeling the warning signs of repetitive strain…)

Music! I’m not a guitarist, though I’ve been a few other things while composing too…classical/contemporary, tonal/atonal, lyrical/instrumental, all put through electronic blenders of various kinds by my musical partner in crime displaying skill I can’t describe…personally loving the sounds of the OP1 of Teenage Engineering fame and also, I’m hearing exciting things about the new capabilities of Reason10 due to launch in a few days…

…had always wanted to play the guitar but alas, I am least intuitive when it comes to anything with strings and so, to marvel at others is the best I can hope for on that…more reachable for me perhaps, is another dream being to one day reside in the middle of nowhere making field recordings :leaves::headphones::grinning:

Anyway, back to the FEST! If DevilinPixy could have been there, I would have liked to have seen a new ticket category called ‘Watch how she goes beyond making it work’, haha…thinking that session might be wasted on me but oh my word how fascinated I am and want to learn, would certainly have loved to observe but more familiar ground for me perhaps, is the unmaking sessions, I don’t know I’m still thinking on it all…but check these out, firstly a guy I could watch all day and does some fascinating stuff, secondly a vid with plenty to love…guitars, a bow, some shiny award or other, a saw and some wonderfully distorted vocals…enjoy :wink: