65daysofstatic - LIVE in the UK - December 5th

I am actually pretty sure that what you have seen with the eBows had been used to created the music/sound for NMS.

Full article:

Not quite sure where you may have seen this, but I am thinking it may have been this video:

Some other related articles about the creation of music/sound for NMS:


Some videos:


This list of links is SO much appreciated! I am going to put some proper time aside tomorrow if not later tonight, to go through each one of them in turn (while getting to a couple of other posts as well). Thank you for posting these.


Was trying to find the video I mentioned but really hard to now since the soundtrack released and youtube is full of 65dos nms searchables. But it was released between jan-march possibly, before the game launched, so early 2016 will be dated if you find it, or possibly late 2015 after colbert interview?

@DevilinPixy Ooh thanks for the eBow find, thats probably what it was :slight_smile: Mad scientists!

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