NMS-Inspired Music thread


Feel free to share your NMS-Inspired Music here!

No Man's Sky live 45 minute concert on piano

I’m a big 65dos and math rock fan in general and love NMS so the inspiration seeps in on most my tracks but these are probably the most prevelant


These sound amazing!


This is an original song written and performed by the guy who made this No Man’s Sky fan trailer:


“Nothing makes you wonder like the stars…”

What a gorgeous song!

Thanks for posting this. :heart:
I’ll be playing it over and over. :blush:



I think you may have a winner here. I’m surprised no one thought of a thread like this one before, just for NMS-inspired music. :heart:

(…but you didn’t post your own?)


I will post mine as soon as it’s ready asap! :smile:


This one sounds amazing! So glad YouTube has a loop function :slight_smile:


The soundtrack for Arrival (one of my favorite movies ) is kind of similar. They have similar themes plot-wise (weird extraterrestrial beings, seeing into the future, peace vs conflict)

This one is more melancholy but always reminds me of other-worldy things:


I’ve noticed that too! it has the same vibe and atmosphere going on.
and i really love Arrival!



Usually putting a line break between the link and the sentence preceding and following it should cause it to embed properly.

Have your tracks loaded up and ready to listen when I go for my walk :slight_smile:


@Aldibar: I have fixed it for you. You made it into a custom url by using the square brackets, which will never show up as an embed. I added the plain url on a separate line for you, which then turns into an embed. Feel free to check the edit I made to see the difference.


The music for this trailer was made by Spacing Guild member TNT_Musician


Looks very good and fitting music as well.


Thank you DevilinPixy! Embarrassingly I spentway too much time trying to get it to show. I thought i’d tried every combination of embed code and links. lol


I know Coldplay are not the band they used to be, but this is a great video:


Finally! here is my NMS-Inspired theme!


Not my own song but https://youtu.be/JCUpGVRGoIg
The lyrics remind me of Artemis I havent completed the entire artemis story but learning he was alone and his soul now broken looking for others reminds me of things because one of the lyrics that is repeated in this song is “you are not alone anymore”


I covered Radio Protector from 65DOS in my DAW :smiley: