The Complete No Man's Sky Soundtrack

I was inspired to create this list after seeing a fantastic cover of “Explorer” by @Ospredox

Upon the release of No Man’s Sky, there were 10 unmixed tracks in the game’s soundtrack, which were later remixed by the procedural generation engine to be used in game. 6 of these remixed tracks were available in the purchasable album, totaling 16 tracks. As far as I know, all of the six soundscapes were composed solely of music included in the purchasable album (please correct me if I am wrong). Since release, 65dos have recorded some additional tracks for the game, which, as far as I know, unfortunately can not be purchased. I thought I would create a list of all of the unmixed songs that are part of the album. Any help from the community is welcomed, so please feel free to help me track down the ‘bonus’ tracks of NMS.

(not included in game)


(in game upon release)




Blueprints for a Slow machine

Pillars of Frost

Escape Velocity

Red Parallax


End of the World Sun

(songs added after release) (help needed)

Here’s where I need the help of the community. This play list; null - YouTube, contains LOTS of NMS music recorded in game. I would love the help of members of the community (preferably ones who enjoy sitting through hours upon hours of NMS music) to scan the play list for unique pieces of 65daysofstatic music (vs remixes and mashups), so I can compile a full list of ALL unique pieces of music included and associated with NMS.

Full list of music:


Man I wish I could find forest like the ones in the infinite world video I might really need to get a mod that does that I already use the hub mod so It looks like the E3 one

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Thanks for the mention! Might try to work on other NMS pieces, but it isn’t that easy figuring them out solely by ear. Ain’t stopping me though

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Elements from the ten songs appear in the proc gen, but I’d say theres easily 80% of the material in the soundscapes that aren’t in any of the featured album tracks, even more so now with the addition of more music with each update.

65DOS took most of what they learned with generative music durin their time on NMS and have created a new live show/art installation based around all the tech they learned to use for generative music.

It’s called Decomposition Theory and it was first performed at AlgoMech festival in november 2017.

I’ve still yet to find any more information about the show or even footage from it but god damn is it intriguing.

It’s nice to know amidst the abundance of commercial stuff and music as a product, that there are hard workign independants out there making music as art, as it should be.

I’ll try catch some tunes for you, I tend to play with audio down fully and music up full the odd time :smiley:


The problem with making NMS piano covers is that everything is already done, or the entire song in just drums and techno sound effects. Not that it’s bad, it just isn’t great for piano.

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Inspired by this thread, my last three streaming sessions I put the soudn effects off, I plan to comb through the streams and pick out some choice cuts but for now here’s the streams in their entirety for a nice chill soundtrack.

Apologies for moments of confusion or suspended animation, these sessions happened in the AM and at points I forgot what I was doing in the middle of doing it, or I spaced out XD

Also, freighters are eerily silent.


Thanks for helping out with this project. This weekend, I plan to skim through some of the tracks on the attached playlist, see what I can discover. I can’t wait to see what you find after reviewing your streams.

Alright, I’m looking for a new piano solo from NMS. The problem is, most of the soundtrack isn’t exactly “piano friendly” if you know what I mean. However, there is that MASSIVE list of songs. Is there one in there that would work?

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There’s not a lot of piano in the no man’s sky soundtrack, at least not primarily piano pieces. The only one I can think of is “escape velocity”. As I mentioned in the comments of your newest video, radio protector is a fantastic piano piece, not from nms, but still great. Another great piece is “The Major Cities of the World are Being Destroyed One by One by the Monsters - skin of the horses teeth version” also by 65daysofstatic. Long name, short song.

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Ok, so that never happened… For all two of you that care about this project, I do plan to increase the soundtrack at some point in the future. Right now, with school, I am rather busy, but I PROMISE that I will work on this project again.

If you haven’t already SF, I’d recommend this as a link to forward to anyone who might wonder what you might like for next b’day/xmas/other…

…thinking from what I’ve heard already, that you could do some cool arrangement with Piano Fights. A simple version if time was of the essence of course but, for something meatier and extended, you could create I have no doubt, if time would allow. Alternatively (preferably? haha) you could tell them to pick the ‘65kids package: the new album + all 4 deluxe editions’ Very worth it, I can testify.

(on Piano Fights - stating the obvious perhaps, in some ways but not in others - overall an especially good album for taking instrumental arrangement inspiration from)

PS - if time would allow being the operative words, haha! It’s something I’m trained in, composing/arrangement/performance/other, that is so, I know how much work it takes…credit to your stuff, have loved your vids :wink:


I kinda started with Escape Velocity. It’s… ok. A little bland, but I think it should turn out Ok. I’m also working on a piece from Dark Souls III so it may take some time.

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My friend did a piano cover of piano fights, it was one of the most astonishing things I had ever heard.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I’m not sure about it though. For my birthday, I’m asking for a new laptop (if you’ve been following me lately, then you’ll DEFINITELY understand why) so that’s probably it. Plus, my family doesn’t go to large with b-day presents (except for the laptop) Maybe for Christmas. Their music is pretty good. Also thanks for following my channel and stuff. It really does mean a lot to me!


On that, I envy you! Nice one :wink:

And @Ospredox hey, there’s time yet, good things to come, you never know :grinning:


Ok, the Dark Souls cover I’ve been working on for a while is basically finished. Now I can focus my main attention to Escape Velocity!


Going off what we previously heard here, will be very worth the wait…exciting!!!



So do you guys want a sneak peak of the Escape Velocity cover? Or should I just wait and release the entire thing when its finished?


Either one sounds great. Though, if you wanted to release a sneak peak, it would be fantastic.


So I know some of you may be wondering what happened to the Escape Velocity cover. I’m afraid to say it’s on hold. A lot of stuff has been coming up with school coming to a close, and not only that, Destiny 2 just dropped their latest expansion with one of the BEST sounding theme songs I’ve heard in a long time. So I’ve switched focus to work on that. But after that, I PROMISE that Escape Velocity will come next. Sorry :sob:

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