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Alright so I was wondering what kind of music the community likes as well as offering my own take on some songs that might match the mood of the ARG and the lore we are learning about.

For starts one band I love right now is Starset with songs such as Monster and Unbecoming off there album vessels and other songs as well like telepathic and staright so yeah if your into some indie stuff check them out I promise there great and also submit your own songs and bands that you love


You want YouTube links?


Sure go for it



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Look up Black Stone Cherry - Rambler. Also, I have listened to Disturbed - Sound of Silence about 50 times in the last few weeks. Just discovered it and feel it’s one of the best remakes since Shinedown did Simple Man.


I like listening to game music when I play NMS. I have the complete soundtrack to the now-defunct game named Earth & Beyond. But I don’t know where you can get it anymore.



I find this mix of ambient music to suit the game pretty well ( although, as it’s title suggests it is VERY dark in places )

Hope it’s something you might like:

Ambient Archives Vol.1 [mixed session] Between light and darkness by Simplexia


If I were to actually turn off in-game music, which I hardly ever do, I’d totally go with some ambient music like The Orb, Future Sound of London, Orbital, Autechre, The Black Dog and alike.


Check out this Fan Art song that I discovered last evening while catching up on some of my listening More specifically, Cobra TV’s latest SubCast. He plays it at the beginning of the show. So, I’m sure some of you have probably already heard it. Nonetheless, it’s pretty awesome, so take a listen or two :dizzy::notes:


I just have to post this, and I’m really surprised nobody else did:




Yep, I’m an old fart but man this is cool



Omg… i’ll have to look that up. I listen to the soundtrack of From Softwares King’s Field series when playing NMS.

Edit: the full soundtrack to earth and beyond is on youtube, in case anyone else is curious.


Press play on both of these so they work together…

Once the second video stops (cuz its only just over 8 min,) play it again for a second time.
Then press play on this next one…

edit: To pick a start point on a youtube link, add this &=123456789s at the end of the link… The numbers are the amount of seconds you want to add before the start point.


*Update: Found the link for the Earth & Beyond Online soundtrack!



Among the few styles I like, I really dig prog and space rock. For me, three artists manage to capture the essence of a science fiction landscape. Vangelis is one, and a little known album titled Marco Polo - NOT the soundtrack - begins with a haunting piece which unfortunately I can’t share because YouTube has scoured it off the net.

But of the other two, one is a guy named Larry Fast which produces music under the name Synergy, and most of his work was done before the age of all these incredible computerized wondersynths. In fact the crazy guy built some of his own instruments. Two of his best albums are Cords and Games. The first song on Cords captures the essence of The Sim marvelously in a cluster of synthesized strings. Rather stark but captivating. I managed to redo it on my synthesizer a few weeks ago. The next album, Games, is likely his best work, and the second piece, Delta IV, fits the mood perfectly of an explorer encountering something unusual in his travels. And then the extensive mini rock symphony Delta III takes you through an epic struggle against an intimidating unknown. Honorable mention to his followup album Audion.

But for sheer unearthly, mysterious beauty, you can’t beat Tomita. His synthesized versions of classical pieces have never been equaled. Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite begins with a truly haunting piece which sets the stage for many other passionate worlds to follow. And of course the most fitting album to take while jumping to unknown star systems is his rendition of Holst’s The Planets, an astral journey through ecstacy and fear. Complete with liftoff sequence.

(Vinyl, unfortunately)

(But not this one!


I was just listening to this album for the first time recently, while playing No Man’s Sky. It’s really pleasant and relaxing, whether to listen to while playing or just on its own! :slight_smile:

Album: Plantasia
Artist: Mort Garson

(psssst how do I embed the video like others have done :p)